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Project Kuiper: Amzaon Satellites to Provide High Speed, Affordable Internet Access

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…

With 3236 Low-Orbit satellites, Amazon is going to beam internet services, covering an extensive region of the Earth, in a project, code named.

Amazon wants these satellites to operate at an altitude, ranging from 367 miles to 391 miles from the Earth. The internet services will be beamed, covering an area from latitude 560 north to 560 south – for the region where 95% human population lives.

A steady stream of internet providers have already started embracing the concept of Low-Orbit Satellites in order to face the growing list of challenges such as maintaining faster speeds and dealing with the latency problem.
SpaceX and Telesat are two major players which want to enter the new race.

With the next-generation broadband network in space, these companies envision the availability of the internet to every corner of the planet while making the boundaries of the digital divide transparent.

Broadband service providers are fully aware the frustration felt by both companies and consumers, when the former cannot provide the latter with internet facilities with consistent speed and low latency.

Having seen the challenges faced by ground-based networks, understandably they looked to the heavens to find a solution – and got one.

The following animation shows a Low-Orbit Satellite in orbit; you can fire it and see its motion in the orbit!

With the exponential expansion of Amazon services, Jeff Bezos, the CEO, of the company may have felt the need of taking the initiative of providing broadband internet services from satellites, as the existing services are heading towards a bottleneck.

By spending about 1$ million for each satellite, the companies are planning to send them into orbits with the aid of rockets, lifting about 3o at a time. In two years, they plan to launch around 650 satellites.

Having reached an amicable divorce settlement with his ex-wife, Mr Bezos of Amazon may now be in a position to channel a significant amount of his energies to new venture, perhaps, to bring about the watershed moment of providing steady internet services.

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Project Kuiper: Amzaon Satellites to Provide High Speed, Affordable Internet Access
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