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Can anyone easily forget the Easter Sunday massacre?

By S.H.Moulana

Will there be any normal life left for them in this world? A family of five attends the service on Easter Sunday but only two of them return home losing three of their loved ones killed by the heartless brutes, the suicide bombers.

This was the case with many families who took part in the services on this fateful day.

All Muslim countries including the World Muslim League have unreservedly condemned this barbaric act of the misguided few.

Despite being warned about the extremist tendencies about this group no action was taken by the authorities to bring them to book.

We remember how critical about them was the former WP Governor late Alavi Moulana and the efforts he took to stop an extremist preacher coming from India during his time.

We haven’t forgotten the past how all communities lived in perfect harmony.

We recall what MP Sumanthiran, who himself a Christian, had to say in an interview to one of the leading daily: ‘I appeal to all, politicians in particular, not to blame this tragedy on any particular community. The Muslims of this country have never reacted with violence even when violence was thrust upon them. We value that very much and we will march towards a better tomorrow for all of us; Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others hand in hand.’

We also recall how Sumanthiran raised the Aluthgama clashes in the parliament while the previous government was in power despite a Muslim MP's objection, who is not among the living now, of his concern about the Muslim community. Everyone knows how fair Sumanthiran is in assessing any situation.

The Easter Sunday massacre could have been easily avoided had the government taken the intelligent information it received seriously.

It was seen acting more seriously on a supposed assassination of the president and former defense secretary.

Now the president has finally admitted and has said the government should take responsibility for this unfortunate incident as well as for weakening country's intelligent services.

But he has forgotten that he is in charge of defense and remains as the country's Commander - in - Chief.

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Can anyone easily forget the Easter Sunday massacre?
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