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Where are the leaders?

By S.H.Moulana

It is really pathetic to note while Sri Lanka is left leaderless the minority Muslim community too has been an orphan for long with the same terrible shortcoming. They are religiously divided as in politics with various sects and one of them being totally opposed to Islamic principles and opting for violence means to convey their message.

We wonder whether they are aware that the group they are inspired by has killed more Muslims in the world in general and in the Arab world in particular than any others have done.

In addition, it has badly tarnished the image of Islam and Muslims to a level to be feared and hated by others. The influence of extremism preached by its leaders has led the followers astray and instigated to commit the carnage on Easter Sunday. If they think by killing these innocent people, they can go to heaven there is something opposite is awaiting them on their arrival there!

I would say all these due to lack of true leaders to guide the community in the right path. The late Lee Kuan Yew once said ‘If you can’t force or are unwilling to force your people to follow you, with or without threats you are not a leader.’ As long as our leaders are focused only on the ballot box, they will always remain being led by the people instead of leading them. We applause Cardinal Ranjith for his views. He said that the blame for this catastrophe should be apportioned to both public officials and the ruling politicians and all of them must resign. Yes, that would have happened in any other country but not here, because our politicians are born thick skinned.

Except the cult involved in this unpardonable crime the entire Muslim community has vehemently condemned this dastardly act and it is in the forefront to help the affected. Since the situation being so it is not fair to harass the entire Muslim community for this crime. Even the cardinal has warned on many occasions to refrain from such injustice. However, some extremist groups have embarked on attacking Muslim places of worship, business places and residences while already there has been a loss of life. Disturbed by these ugly incidents on innocent Muslims, as usual, Tamil MP Sumanthiran has come forward to condemn the atrocities by these groups. It is noteworthy that Sumanthiran belonged to Christian faith a community suffered the most on Easter Sunday in the hands of the extremist group.

We all know how badly our country is affected economically by the loss of tourists and foreign investors due to the current situation. Now it is everyone’s duty to see peace and harmony prevail in the country while totally eliminating terrorism of any form and by any group from our land with the help of the security forces.

- Asian Tribune -

M.A.Sumanthiran - MP & Spokesperson of the TNA
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