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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 103

Mangala’s Unwarranted Innuendo

By Palitha Senanayake

The anti-Sinhala Buddhist lobby and some aided NGO’s have taken to Mangala’s recent utterance that ‘Sri Lanka is not a Sinhala Buddhist country’ in a big way stating that only he had the political courage to state the ‘bitter truth’. The fact however, is that the timing of this statement and the context in which it is made, leave a lot for speculation and conjecture.

The issue before the country today is not the question of ownership of this country but a complexity of laxity in national defence, lacuna in leadership and the absence in governance. More than 1000 citizens of this country have been affected due to 8 senseless explosions in 8 locations perpetrated by Muslim extremist and 253 of them have already succumbed to their injuries.

The dead are all Catholics and Christians and also include some foreign tourists visiting this country during their holidays. In such a context to bring the issue of a so- called ownership claim made by Sinhala Buddhist, a party that is not directly connected to this issue, is totally unwarranted and is suggestive of an effort to arouse the Sinhala Buddhist passions.

Sri Lanka is a democracy and its constitution embody minority rights and its laws are promulgated by a parliament elected by the people. There are no Buddhist laws or Buddhist customs that are being introduced and neither do we have any attempts made for such persuasions by the Sinhala Buddhist majority.

Comparatively, Buddhist ways are very liberal and therefore in practice we often encounter attempts made by minorities to introduce certain laws and traditions applicable to their ‘cultural motherlands’ to certain parts of this land, where they are the majority. Further, the investigations in to the above barbaric incidents have now revealed that the reason for these activities have originated due to the very religiously secretive activities carried out in the Muslim majority area; Karththankudy.

Thus, the reason for these explosions and deaths have now been identified as being due to the failure on the part of authorities to maintain the country’s law and order in every nook and corner of this land. This makes this issue raised by this Minister not only irrelevant but also questionable. Therefore, the so called ‘political courage’ that certain anti national elements seemed to appreciate in this Minister, who more often than not have his foot in the mouth, is highly misplaced an could only give vent to their anti-national impulses.

May be there is an ulterior motive in all this because as we know these Sinhalese, though accommodative and caring, is highly vulnerable to emotional situations. Mangala’ American connection are plain and evident and therefore he probably wished the Sinhalese to react to this situation bringing about a chaotic situation in the country, paving the way for international intervention and postponement of elections.

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Mangala’s Unwarranted Innuendo
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