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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 103

Same actors, different venues

By S.H.Moulana

The attack carried out on May 13 on Muslim minority, mainly in NWP, leading to the death of three innocent people who had nothing to do with the terrorists who took part in the Easter Sunday massacre of mostly worshipers. The Pasta Factory on fire in Minuwangoda

The damage caused to properties on this day is almost parallel to what we saw on Easter Sunday or only slightly less.

The pasta factory set on fire on this fateful day made all wage earners of this business to lose their jobs and 90 percent of whom belonged to the majority community.

However, the actors who featured in the atrocities are the same who participated in the Aluthgama, Ampara and Digana ugly incidents.

In a way this is a consolation for the minority community to be assured that the majority community was not in support of this and it is only a group comprised of some helmet wearing thugs who were instigated by certain politicians.

All those suffered by this cruel act had nothing to do with the suicide bombers at all and in fact they have openly condemned the terrorists who were responsible for the mass murder. Like those who died on Easter Sunday not knowing why on earth they were killed the May 13 victims too are in a loss to understand why they were attacked.

All these cruelties committed by both parties have done the worst damage to the country at large; loss of tourists and fear in the mind of all investors.

In this current situation we see yet another group is enjoying for it is being forgotten at least for the time being by the forces since they are busy tracking the terrorists, which is considered a bigger threat to the nation now. Could you guess who this is? Yes, you are right the drug dealers!

But we know it’s not for long!

- Asian Tribune -

The Pasta Factory on fire in Minuwangoda
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