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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Sri Lanka Navy continues with Tiger search in Peraru jungles

By Ravin Edirisinghe

Colombo, 26 January, ( Personnel of the Special Boat Squadron and naval Patrolmen continue their search operations in the Peraru jungles North of Trincomalee and recovered 6000 live T-56 ammunitions, 53 Rocket Propeller Grenade bombs and 02 T-56 weapons during dark hours last night - on 25 January.

Since Security Forces liberated East from the tiger grip last year, activities in the Peraru jungle area has been detected both by the Army and the Navy. Some of the incidents which took place in Peraru jungles and closer to the shore area indicated that those who fled from areas like Toppigala are waiting till the sea tigers reach closer to the shores in order to transfer them back to Mullaitivu.

Tiger cadres who faced a sever set back in the face of Security Forces offensives took the ground track during their withdrawal to reach areas like Peraru and most probably to sneak into areas South of Toppigala. As the sea front was totally cut off during the whole period of Security Forces missions in the East, tigers failed to bring back supportive cadres or arms and ammunitions which they urgently required.

The concept of Military Starvation was very much evident during the operations in the East. Sri Lanka Navy made a significant contribution during these operations by totally blocking the enemy Sea Line of Communication. Two tiger arms shipment were destroyed off Kalmunai which the tigers were desperate of unloading the consignment and bringing them down to certain areas in the East to fight the Army. Due to the successful Air strikes and gallant efforts put up by the soldiers of the Army, tigers were left with only one option; that is to withdraw.

As sea routes were not possible due to the heavy round the clock presence of naval patrol units closer to the shore as well due to the deep sea surveillance units, tigers chose a ground route for their withdrawal. The best evidence one can give sight for this (not taking the sea route) is the six suicide boats which troops recovered during search operations following the capture of East.

If Tigers had the slightest opportunity of taking the sea route, they would have never left behind a lethal weapon like the suicide boat. In addition to the many recoveries the troops made, not a single artillery round was recovered to date. This brings evidence to show that the tigers ran short of their stock of artillery rounds and on the other hand failed to sea transport much required artillery munitions they badly wanted.

Security Forces have now extended their search operations to areas North and South of the East where the presence of few tiger cadres are trying to show off as a big force by killing innocent civilians. Even though the situation is not that serious in areas like Peraru jungles, the Army and the Navy do continue their hunter killer operations. The Navy on the other hand has been able to stop all sea tiger attempts which were aimed at taking back those tigers trapped in Peraru jungle areas and there by leaves a message that tiger leader's days are fast coming to an end in the face of the Security Forces of this country.

- Asian Tribune -

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