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Europe links to American El Paso Texas shooting

By Glen Jenvey - London
London, 07 August, (

Sri Lankan's should be 'careful' on America and Europe, after the El Paso Texas shooting. The ‘Race Hate’ domestic terrorist attacks were not as domestic as thought. The crazed gun man was linked to 'far right' European groups. He praised the Christchurch terror attacks in his manuscript.

The manuscript he wrote or had help writing, blames both Republican and Democratic parties for his actions. He claims that he has several years of connections between Europe. Among other topics that are political views.

The manuscript he wrote gives clues to time frame. But also gives clues to online European far right political parties of racist hate groups.

Without giving to much oxygen to terrorist, his main reasons were Foreign worker's.

The documents he quotes were online similar manuscripts by other attacker's i.e. the tragic attacks on innocent Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The link between him and Europe were his words, in his manuscript written by himself or by someone else?

Documents quoted by the manuscript reveal once again he had online connections with other likeminded people who practice race hate and racism.

The documents show that there is a global link online to him and others.

The documents also reveal a hatred towards both Democratic and Republican parties.

He used the internet to study other far right groups and attacks! He was inspired by other fanatics who call for violence against nonwhite people.

This sort of attack is not lone wolf in nature he might of left a digital trail which could lead investigators to others.

He wrote several references to other documents circulated by far right terrorist groups in not just the United states but globally.

These attacks are at first thought of as lone wolf attacks carried out by mental people.

He goes into great detail about himself and plans, he hates all political parties in the USA and claimed his views were formed way before President Trump was in office, he criticised both Republican and democratic leaders’ policies.

He had a vile racist political message in his writings. Manuscript showed that he in fact had studied other far right racist documents.

His views and words turned into bullets! But he was taught to hate by other dangerous racist people,

Sri Lanka’s should excise basic caution, when in the USA or Europe as the El Paso Texas shooter was 100% linked to others, who wish to harm others. terrorism can happen anywhere.

If you are caught up in any terrorist attacks remember the simple rules of - RUN, HIDE, TELL, which is the advice given by British commonwealth anti-terror experts in London.

Short video for staying safe abroad.

Copy of the shooters own manuscript was used in this report but not published. As his words are an education in #Hate
But his words if written by himself link him to others? via the internet.

- Asian Tribune -

Europe links to American El Paso Texas shooting
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