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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 103

Bobcat Vs Bulldozer!

By S.H.Moulana

The thirty long years I spent in one of the pioneers five-star facilities in Riyadh – Riyadh InterCon - and the outstanding general managers who officiated during this period are still fresh in my memory.

There were not less than seven general managers during these three decades contributing their heart and soul for the upliftment of the hotel.

There was a general manager of German origin by the name Alfonz Maloshick. If one wants to keep up walking with him, without any exaggeration, he got to run to match his speed. He was extremely active and wanted every staff member to be so.

One day he called me and requested me to get a contractor to demolish an old wall standing between the VIP villas and the golf club.

I did not waste time in calling and entrusting the job to a contractor. Nearly, four hours after he started the work, I went to the site to inspect the progress he has made. What I saw there really shocked me. The wall was intact and every time he knocked the wall with his machine, he bounced back causing no sign of any damage to the wall.

The machine he used was a Bobcat – a mini loader/excavator instead of a Bulldozer.

I was so furious and blasted him for his childish act. I did not notice that my general manager, Alfonz Maloshick has been filming the whole episode by hiding behind a bush.

The next day when I went to clear my mail box I found an envelope addressed to me and when I opened that I found six photographs – all showing me in a furious mood and shouting at the contractor.

There was also a note from GM Alfonz Maloshick reading: ‘I have a video too of the episode if you are interested to watch it!’

How one can forget the excitement filled period one spent during his time?

- Asian Tribune -

Bobcat Vs Bulldozer!
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