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Mushrooming political parties and changing colors!

By S.H.Moulana

We think very soon Sri Lanka can beat any country for number of political parties. We now have a party for just two to three persons too, imagine the number of symbols you are going to have in the ballot paper every single party.

One of the grand old parties SLFP now split into two by giving birth to SLPP.

We have seen this happening to LSSP, JVP and many other parties.

We are now about to see a highly unexpected split in the oldest party of our country UNP.

This is all due to the conflict which has developed between its president and vice president of the party. Both are eyeing for a place to run for the presidency on the party ticket.

Although a large majority is for the vice president to run as the presidential candidate of UNP, the president fears in the event he is being elected he will have to undergo what he experienced under the current president for the last four long years.

In the meantime, we see an interesting issue developing between SLFP and SLPP on the election symbol.

SLFP wants the SLPP candidate to contest under the symbol of hand or a common one without the lotus-bud, but SLPP stands its ground for lotus-bud and nothing else. One questions in the event if the UNP fields its president as its candidate naturally his symbol will be elephant but if the vice president too were to contest as he is adamant now what is going to be his symbol?

Not enough the symbols have confused the general public already, in addition we see an issue for the party colors too.

We are certain that our politicians have enough stock of shirts of various colors to keep up with their frequent changes of political parties. This is yet another record no country could beat ours.

Do we ever hear a Democrat becoming a Republican or the other way about in the U.S?

A Labor becoming a Conservative or the other way about in the U.K?

There are politicians in our country who have made three to four changes in their political life, from U.N.P to S.L.F.P then to SLPP or some other. This is very common in our country.

We thought the experience of 71 years of our own rule would have brought some benefits to establish a government in par with developed countries with our 95 percent literacy rate we boast about.

May sanity prevail!

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Mushrooming political parties and changing colors!
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