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Humble appeal to the Tamilnaad and Expatriate politicians

By V. Anandasangaree - Secretary General – TULF.

On behalf of our people, the Tamil United Liberation Front extends its sincere gratitude to the people, political leaders and other dignitaries of Tamilnaad in India, for the interest they had shown in solving the Sri Lankan ethnic problem.

In 1977 when our party was the main opposition party in the Sri Lankan Parliament, under the leadership of the late. Mr. A. Amirthalingam, the people of Tamilnaad and political leaders internationalized our ethnic problem. The credit for it goes to the untiring efforts of those who were sympathetic for our cause. Unfortunately, the late Mr. Amirthalingam along and many others was assassinated one after the other by a few misguided youths.

In spite of their gunshots and bomb-blasts, our party up to now had functioned strictly under democratic norms. The irony is, hitherto not much published, the Sinhalese also have similar umbilical code relationship with the people of Madurai where it is believed that the founder of the Sinhala race Prince Vijaya took Madurai Princess as his wife and also arranged 700 Pandian maids to marry his 700 comrades.

Unaware of this important historical link, that the Sinhalese have with Madurai, some Tamilnaad Politicians unnecessarily criticized the newly elected President His Excellency Gotabaya Rajapaksa. This attitude of some Tamilnaad Politicians will be more harmful to our different communities in Sri Lanka and will not do anything constructive. Tamilnaad should realize that without creating communal differences among communities in Sri Lanka, it should act to promote goodwill among all communities.

If anyone takes the initiative to arrange a Team which is comprised of knowledgeable persons from Sri Lanka to meet a group of Tamilnaad leaders and brief them the suggestion to accept the Indian model as a solution to the ethnic problem. During the last 15 years I had discuss this proposal with several Buddhist leaders, Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim Politicians, a few Ministers including Presidential Candidates from the 2005 Presidential Election.

The TULF appeals to the expatriates to give full cooperation for our efforts.

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Humble appeal to the Tamilnaad and Expatriate politicians
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