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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

Lalin's Column: Waiting for ‘One Shot’ or is it the guillotine

By Major General (Retd.) Lalin Fernando

There was a revolutionary fervor, spirit and expectancy in SL when the new President took office in late 2019.It’s gathering momentum furiously. Five years of gross incompetency, mismanagement, fraud, treachery, debauchery and apathy had spread its remorseless wings amongst the 2015 rulers. They had believed that their countrymen who they despised would never wake up to what was happening around them. Their conned and skinflint western supporters (foreign and local) saw their dreams of re colonization turning into a nightmare.

SL, with the change of government, will now not be a Taiwan to oceanic ambitions that started with Theodore Roosevelt’s plan to make the Pacific with Honolulu, Japan, Korea and the Philippines, a USA ocean. Formosa (now Taiwan) was added on to contain China. Pearl Harbor was a Japanese response for indignities suffered after the Jap Russian war. The US aim from the 1890s was to keep China in chains. Did the 2015 government not asininely concur?

The first head to begin rolling was the UNP dentist health minister who said a gun was poked into the Swiss Embassy’s compulsive if not coached liar’s mouth. The dentist having spent considerable time saying ‘open, open, wider, open’ knew all about what could be shoved into the Swiss Embassy’s local heroine’s wide open ‘Mocking mouth. He has now to explain why 2 convicts he produced at a news conference who admitted to ghastly and astonishing crimes were not handed over to the police. He had gone 32 teeth too far. To escape the legal process he sought assistance if not asylum in hospital. Did he think the Swiss would stretch a hand? His appointment with the law on the 17 Jan may be excruciating.

The next to step up was the Ex UNP minister who was involved in a RTA that left an injured youth severely disabled. Apparently, there were eye witnesses who identified the driver of the car who then sped away, leaving the injured youth. The then police action is suspect and under review. The IGP is now a witness! The ex-minister’s merciless disdain for the disabled youth, with comments on how reckless motor cyclists are, exposed his shallow character and conscience.

Then came Elephant gate. Ex Deputy Minister, actor in short sleeves and possibly wearing a wig, Ramanayake’s taped conversations with senior players in the judicial process was the UNP block buster. The whole country is avidly following the endless serials on TV. He has made his spineless colleagues shiver. They have restless nights awaiting the over 1,000 disclosures still to come. Will the fall of the metaphorical guillotine threatening them, end their political careers with this ‘One Shot’ he boasted of? While no Madame Defarge’s have been seen so far to count heads, the citizen battalions are forming up to storm the judicial ramparts. They make veiled references to citizens’ action if justice is denied. The Yahapalana festival retains some excitement yet.

After the initial shock, the Royals responded with unlimited cunning and subterfuge. Their looks, then beaming, now blood shot and despondent, betrayed them even as they down played the fast enveloping gloom. One chimed that lying at elections is a shared game. So stunning accusations of the theft of 7,000 tons of gold from Jaffna (The entire holding of the Reserve Bank of India is 60 tons)and throwing people into lakes to be devoured by crocodiles, including identifying a presidential candidate as the organizer is a game for this sports star! The Royal’s supporters are fast being benched.

The Speaker (Island 14 Jan 20) no doubt searching loftily for any excuse believes that publicizing private phone conversations indicates ‘moral decline’. Has he become a guardian of public morals in his spare time? Where was he when such ‘conversations’ were recalled in parliament and at political rallies among other places? Has Ramanayake netted him too?

Perera, a NGO for life (Island 14 Jan 20) warns of the perils of discussing judges and law enforcement systems publicly. He wants us to believe, despite being a native, that he is surprised as to how these juicy ‘conversations’ reached the social media. He hazards a guess that the police may be found culpable in having released them. He may not have known that others were privy to some of them before the police got them. He advises (more than 60 plus 4.5 Yahapalana years too late) that the police should not do ‘illegal’ things.

He has discovered that releasing the conversations is against police ‘ethics’. Is it in SL? Ask the CID etc. According to him politicians’ telephoning judges is nothing new even it flagrantly compromises all involved. A similar ‘code of ethics’ for judges obviously has little concern for him as he opines that politicians and judges have been at it for long. In his new NGO innocence he may have forgotten whatever he has known about contempt. He blithely jettisons the ethics, morality and the propriety of doing so. He obviously has high hopes of scaring the people into silence by warning them that these revelations will reinforce ‘international bodies’ opinions of the frailties of the SL justice system. Pathetic. His devout concern for ‘international bodies’ is his life support. However he appears not to have the same concern for national opinion. That is impeccable NGO tradition.

Does he not know all these conversations will in any case be exposed again in open Court and not ‘in camera’ as one silly witness has requested? So are a little first and 1,000 more ‘releases’ later not such a bad thing? There is also nothing to be afraid of ‘international’ concerns about the concerned SL’s judges. They and he must know that the judges who have been and will be exposed will certainly not be the ones to judge cases in the future, ever.

He may want to invite ‘international judges’ to SL. But who will judge these same judges. Was one ‘international judge (from India apparently a ex Chief Justice) not caught on camera interfering with a SL witness at the BMICH car park around 2004 during the hearings into the Sampur deaths? So are they special? Instead of NGOs who write about Ramanayake being ‘crucified’ a familiar punishment known to NGO Perera but totally unknown in SL, is it not better to listen to the ‘revolutionaries’ for a change? They make humbugs shiver. ‘March on, March on’ Citizens.

Roll out the tumbrels; sorry the duty free SUVs, the circus and escorts are over. Now look out for the ‘shot’ clowns.

- Asian Tribune -

        Lalin's Column: Waiting for ‘One Shot’ or is it the guillotine
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