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President at Veherabenda Kutiya and Thanthirimale Rajamaha Vihara

By Manjari Peiris
Colombo, 06 July, (

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa engaged in religious observances in Veherabanda Kutiya and Thanthirimale Rajamaha Viharas on 4th July 2020.

According to the Sinhala Shila Lekana Sangrahaya (Stone Inscriptions Volume), the King Bathiya the 1st has constructed the Veherabanda Kutiya Rajamaha Vihara between 5th and 6th AD.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa visited the Veherabanda Kutiya Rajamaha Vihara in the morning. The President met with the chief incumbent of the vihara, Ven. Welisara Siri Jinawansa Thissa thero and received blessings.

The President also exchanged pleasantries with devotees who were present to observe sil on Esela poya.

President Rajapaksa also made medicinal pujas to Ashta Pala Bodhi during his visit.

Later he visited Thanthirimale Rajamaha Vihara and the chief incumbent Ven. Thanthirimale Chandrarathana thero blessed the President for his assumption to the office of the President and commended him for his successful strategies and governance in containing COVID 19 pandemic.

The stone reclining statue of the Lord Buddha at Thanthirimale vihara which resembles the statue at Polonnaruwa Gal Vihara was observed by the President.

President Rajapaksa opened the display of sacred relics at the vihara for public view and the president himself paid his obeisance.

The President also conversed with a number of devotees from all over the country at the vihara premises.

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	President at Veherabenda Kutiya and Thanthirimale Rajamaha Vihara
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