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Navy Commander commends Sailor who defused Time Bomb in Anuradhapura

Colombo, 12 February, ( The brave act and vigilance of Petty Officer NWSI Bandara of the Sri Lanka Navy, had averted a large-scale carnage and mayhem at the Sunday fair in Anuradhapura yesterday (10th February 2008). PO Bandara was commended by the Commander of the Navy for his brave act.

Petty Officer Bandara had made use of the expertise knowledge imparted to him by the Sri Lanka Navy during his qualifying courses leading to his present rank to perform his brave act. Armed with the expertise knowledge and the discipline and self-confidence instilled in him by the Navy instructors, he had carried out the delicate operation of defusing the deadly time bomb with meticulous attention to detail and patient adherence to procedure.

Spotting a time bomb planted by the terrorists at the Sunday fair, Petty Officer Bandara had swiftly cut off the two detonator cords fitted to the bomb seizing a pair of scissors lying near by. The improvised bomb, made with 1.5 kilograms of lethal C 4 explosives and 350 steel balls, was packed in to a plastic can and was wrapped in a shopping bag. It had been placed in between a fruit stall and a bags stall located inside the fair. The bomb was to explode within 05 minutes before its deactivation by the sailor. Navy Commander Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda commended Petty Officer Bandara who defused the Time Bomb in AnuradhapuraNavy Commander Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda commended Petty Officer Bandara who defused the Time Bomb in Anuradhapura

The incident happened around 11.30 a.m. yesterday and approximately 4000 people had gathered at the fair to do their Sunday shopping. Petty Officer Bandra, who is attached to the Kondachchikudah Naval Sub Unit in Silawathura, had been at the fair with his wife shopping while on leave.

After locating the bomb, Petty Officer Bandara had alerted the fellow shoppers immediately and had taken precautionary measures to evacuate the people from the scene to ensure their safety. He had assisted the Police to carry out a search and clear operation to detect other possible explosive devices in the vicinity.

Amidst all this commotion, PO Bandara had not forgotten his domestic commitments. Immediately after defusing the bomb and informing the relevant authorities of the incident, he had rushed home to his 9-year-old son who was eagerly awaiting to be taken to the village temple. His son was to receive a special award at the Dhamma Schooll Awards ceremony held that day. PO Bandara had been on the Organizing Committee and had to be there to attend to the activities connected with the ceremony.

The sacred capital, Anuradhapura, must be feeling proud to have a true son of her own soil coming to the rescue of her from witnessing a large-scale human tragedy.

Petty Officer Bandara is a resident of Maha Nelubewa, Hindogama, Anuradhapura and is a father of two sons, aged 9 and 1 and ½ months respectively.

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