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"Its Enough We Want to be Free" - Says Civilians from Tiger Territories

By Ravin Edirisinghe

Colombo, 16 February, ( It is true to say that majority of innocent Tamil civilians today suffered due to the present conflict. Some blame the Government, Security Forces and Police for issues such as killings, human rights violations, abductions etc against the Tamils. Those individuals as well as organizations up-to-date have failed to highlight the real reasons behind the sufferings of these innocent civilians. LTTE leadership and terror activities can be termed as the main reason behind for those sufferings of the Tamils in this country or for that matter in any other country.

But some of the media segments are trying hard to prove that the Government of Sri Lanka and Security Forces are engaged in harassing Tamils. If they have a moment to hear what those innocent Tamils have to say about LTTE harassments at them, no matter whether these journalists are going to write their sad story or not, but they will at least get to know the reality. Here are some of the facts that few families which arrived at Pallimunai and Wankalapadu in Mannar disclosed after escaping from the tiger grip in general areas of Vedithalathivu.

Yesterday, (15) around 7.00 in the morning four Tamil persons arrived at Pallimunai Fishing Marshalling point where the Navy and Police are present. These four people have chosen to take the ground route as the LTTE was on the hunt for those are attempting to flee their areas.

They have left Vedithalathivu area around 5.00 p.m. on 14 February, through the Papamotai jungles passing Konthanpiddi and reached Pallimunai after walking a distance of 32 Km in 14 hours.

This family consists of Father (65), Mother (58) and daughter aged 30 years who worked as a volunteer teacher in a Government School in Vedithalathivu. On two occasions LTTE attempted to take away her but her parents managed to hide her in all two occasions. On all occasions LTTE had warned the family of serious repercussions if they did not hand over their daughter to them. In fear of these reprisals they have finally decided to flee the area and seek protection of the Government and Security Forces.

Meanwhile on Thursday (14) eight Tamil civilians of two families reported at the same point around 8.00 in the morning. These families have fled Illuppukadaveli, an LTTE controlled area, 14 Km North of Vedithalathivu. They have arrived in a "Wallam" (a local fishing craft),

Last Monday (12) also 14 Tamil civilians (10 Male and 04 Female) arrived at Wankalpadu naval detachment around 7.30 in the morning. These people are from Wellankulam area in Vedithalathivu.

When questioned as to why they take such a huge risk in order to seek protection of the Government and Security Forces; all of their answers were the same. The recent development of the LTTE has been to force any living human being to just present at their weak Defence Lines in order to make them vulnerable.

Mr. Savior Anthony Robinson (28) said the LTTE are now demoralized and most of them are not geared to fight the Security Forces. Even dry rations of many families living in tiger held areas have been taken away forcefully. Children are hard to protect as tigers come into streets to forcibly take away those who are returning from schools. Some spend nights out in the jungles while others stay in houses where there are infants as tiger cadres are not visiting those houses. Those who have returned seeking Government protection states that there are hundreds of families waiting for an opportunity to escape. They want to be free and free from the tiger terror.

Well the story of civilians escaping from the tiger territories have been heard countless times. But most of the media have failed to carry their story to the public and importantly to the International Community. The reasons behind the frustration among the Tamils who live under tiger terror grip have never being revealed by foreign news services in this country. Amazingly many of the journalists who are working in these organizations are Sri Lankans. The media agenda they run on the present conflict have never addressed the issues of innocents Tamil civilians who even at this stage are under tremendous pressure from the LTTE.

The civilian exodus from tiger territory has given a strong message to the tiger leadership, Tamil Diaspora and LTTE biased reporters who live without a sense; that is, these innocent civilians have largely refused to be under LTTE and that they will take any risk to be in the safe hands of the Government and the Security Forces until the day that their native lands are liberated by the Security Forces.

- Asian Tribune -

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