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Millions of Donors Keep Contest Alive as Ohio and Texas Make their Choice

By Philip Fernando in Seattle for Asian Tribune

Seattle, 29 February, ( The drive to get money flowing into the campaign coffers seems at its highest now as both Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton make a last ditch stand to get their messages heard over TV and media outlets. Obama’s mind-numbing invocations of the “American Dream” is second only to his ability to get donations-over one million donors have contributed $ 109 each to his campaign, making that the largest pool of money coming from individual donors to a campaign. Not to be out done, Bill and Chelsea Clinton had sent out mailers to millions asking for donations to match what is being spent by Obama over the air waves. This groundswell of support is hard to beat. (See campaign mailers).

Among the big donors are Bill and Melinda Gates to Clinton, while Google goes for Obama. Donations by employees of Microsoft and Google as of February 11th are Clinton $ 146,000 and $ 116,000 to Obama; employees of Google $ 187,000 to Obama and to $ 67,000 to Clinton. John McCain had received $ 15,450 and $ 9,700 from the same two sources respectively. Yahoo employees gave $ 17, 000 to Clinton and $ 47,000 to Obama. McCain got $2.300.

Meanwhile, sharper attacks surfaced between Clinton and Obama even though the main differences are narrower than stated. Over-hustled and over-spent almost two to one, Clinton acts like the underdog, with an air of desperation. Her husband Bill and daughter Chelsea have appealed to make things better trying to stem the tide of TV ads against Clinton. Obama is now able to set up more offices and get more people to carry his message countrywide.

Most observers believe that the issues debate centers on the intersection of a deepening economic and financial crisis, growing social discontent within the US, and a palpable decline in the world position of the United States after seven years of foreign policy debacles by the Bush administration. The Iraq war, more than any issue since Vietnam, has divided the US political and foreign policy establishment, and it clearly plays a central role in the conflict within the Democratic Party. Clinton has admitted that her vote authorizing the Iraq war one should would like to take back. ’

The factional struggle between Obama and Clinton may hurt the Democratic Party at the general election even though Democratic commentators have explained, that they see in Obama, an African-American with less political baggage than his opponent, thus, an opportunity to present a new image of America to the world.

.The Republican candidate, Senator John McCain, is now poised to become the follower of the Bush doctrine-take the fight to the enemy syndrome that epitomized the last eight years. He is running as a supporter of the Iraq war bent on not giving into terrorist fundamentalists. He is hoping to mobilize the military and more right-wing support.

All the presidential candidates had to present a detailed breakdown of funds raised in the first three months of the year to a federal election body by midnight on Sunday. Although rough totals of money raised were released a fortnight ago, the details, including spending and individual donations, had not been available.

Obama has raised almost twice as much as Clinton from one of the leading Democratic funders, Goldman Sachs: $94,450 (£47,250). Leonore Blitz, who raised about $250,000 for Clinton's senate race, had said she was supporting both Clinton and Obama.

The mailer sent by Chelsea Clinton is given below:

Dear Philip,

My favorite part of working on my mom's campaign is talking to people one-on-one about why they should vote for her. We can use all the help we can get to tell people about why my mom is the leader we all need! There are two great ways for you to help us all win on March 4:

1. We need as many people on the ground in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont as we can get.

If you can travel to any of these states to volunteer March 1-4, you can make a huge difference for my mom's campaign. And take my word for it -- there is no more exciting place to be than on the campaign trail right now!

Please click here to sign up to travel to a March 4 state.

2. We need you on the phones, making calls right from your own home.

Earlier this month, I asked our online community to commit to making a million calls. We blew right past that goal, making record numbers of calls into key states. First, congratulations everyone and thank you!! Second, let's keep it going and try to make more than 1.5 million calls this week!

Please click here to make phone calls from your own home on my mom's behalf.

I've been doing everything I can to help, criss-crossing the primary states, talking to thousands of people. And you know my mom is working her heart out. I'm so proud of the way she keeps fighting every day for what she believes in and for the America she knows we can be.

Thanks for doing everything you are doing,


- Asian Tribune -

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