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Sri Lankan Navy arrested 62 Tamil Nadu fishermen who were poaching in the Sri Lankan waters

Colombo, 09 March, ( Sri Lanka Navy arrested 6 Indian Fishing travelers and 62 Indian fishermen poaching in to Sri Lankan waters at location 09 NM West of Thalawila 10.00 hrs on 07th March 2008. According to Sri Lanka Navy the six Indian trawlers and the fishermen were brought to Kalpitiya lagoon and arrangements being made to hand over them to Kalpitiya police for further investigation.

According to reports, the arrested Sixty-two fishermen, set sailed from Chinnathurai and Thoothoor villages in Kanyakumari district in six fishing boats and were detained by the Sri Lankan Navy on Friday morning for allegedly crossing over the International Maritime Border Line (IBML), according to officials in the Fisheries Department.

Sixty-two Indian fishermen were rounded up by the Sri Lankan navy when they strayed into the Sri Lankan waters for poaching.

Kanyakumari district collector Jyothi Nirmala said out of the six boats detained by the Sri Lankan Navy; three had left Chinnathurai with 31 fishermen and the other three boats left from Thoothoor village with an equal number of men.

A Sri Lankan government official said six Indian boats with 62 fishermen had been caught “pretty close Puttalam, south of Mannar”. The “fishermen had gone almost close to the Sri Lankan shore when they were apprehended by our navy.”

We are working on the necessary arrangements to get the fishermen released” the Sri Lankan official said.

A Sri Lankan diplomat when contacted told Asian Tribune that the Indian High Commission in Colombo is in touch with the relevant Sri Lankan authorities regarding the arrested Indian fishermen:

The details of the trawlers and the Indian Fishermen held by the Sri Lankan Navay are as follows:

(A) KKWMB 1271 (Vikosmon) - Owner Mr.Joy- Vattavilagan Thoothoor.

(i) Johnson ,Vattavilagan, Thoothoor.
(ii) V. Pensige , Karumanai, Korassal Post.
(iii) P. Alponsu , Korasmabai Post
(iv) L. Piju, Thoothoor Coil, Villagam
(v) C. Kennadi, Vattavilagan, Thoothoor.
(vi) M. Tamson , Vattavilagan, Thoothoor.
(vii) Arunaygam , Thoothoor, Koilwalagam
(viii) L. Anthony , Vattavilagan, Thoothoor.

(B) TN/ 15/MFB/178 (Alpudha Matha)– Owner Mr. L.Jose- Shrirna House, Thoothoor, Kanyakumari District

(i) A. Marige Alban, Kanyakumari District, Puttuthurai Post, Koilvagam, Iraimandari
(ii) Allocious, Sinthonivas, Thoothoor
(ii) V. Sebestian, Kanyakumari District, Alangarkadu, Putthurai.
(iv) Johnshon, Kanyakumari District, Puthur post, Koilvilagam
(v) Segu, Koilvilagam, Thoothoor, Kanyakumari District,
(vi) Arulappan, Koilvilagam, Punmurai
(vii) A. Prebu, Kirikaliavelagma, Thoothoor, Kanyakumari District
(viii) M. Anthony Morayas, Sagan House, Alivelagam, Wallakkdu Post
(ix)L. Perdha Tazab,Shrima House, Thoothoor, Kanyakumari District

(C) TN/15/MFB 216 (Evanjali)

(i) Purkason, Chinnathurai, Thoothoor Post, Kanyakumari District
(ii) Saiju, Sinnathurai, Binnathurai, Thoothur post
(iii) Sesadimai, Chinnathurai, Thoothoor Post, Kanyakumari District
(iv) Saijan, Sinnathurai, Thoothoor Post, Kanyakumari District
(v) Shankar, Udayamarnadam post, Kanyakumari District
(vi) Kumar, Udayamarnadam post, Kanyakumari District
(vii) Pensigar, Udayamarnadam post, Kanyakumari District
(viii)Pani Pichchai, Udayamarnadam post, Kanyakumari District
(ix) Abinaj, Udayamarnadam post, Kanyakumari District
(x) Antony , Udayamarnadam post, Kanyakumari District

(D) TN2/ FV/004560/07 (HAIC Jesus)

(i) John, Koilvilagam, Sinnathurai, Kanyakumari District
(ii) Raju , Sinnathurai, Kanyakumari District
(iii) Astrian, Koilvilagam, Sinnathurai, Kanyakumari District
(iv) Thadivus, Ice plant vilagam, Thoothur, Kanyakumari District
(v) Romens, Koilvilagam, Sinnathurai post, Kanyakumari District
(vi) Svarigar, Koilvilagam, Sinnathurai post, Kanyakumari District
(vii) Jarnis,Koilvilagam, Sinnathurai, Kanyakumari District
(viii) Jeffason, Koilvilagam, Sinnathurai, Kanyakumari District
(ix) Rose, Koilvilagam, Sinnathurai, Kanyakumari District
(x) Nichalos, Niroad, Sitherivilagam, Kanyakumari District
(xi) Kumar, Niroad, Sitherivilagam, Kanyakumari District

(E) TN KKWMB 685 (Susma)

(i) Barlin, Sennan District, Sinnathurai, Thoothur post, Kanyakumari District
(ii) Sibu, St. Anne, Sinnathurai, Kanyakumari District
(iii) Raj, St. Sebastian Street, Kanyakumari District
(iv) Mariya David, 9/27, Koraxhak, Kanyakumari District
(v) V. Raj, Sinnathurai, Kanyakumari District
(vi) Kimumus, Sinnathurai, Thoothur post, Kanyakumari District(vii) Nishantha, Koilvilagam, Sinnathurai, Thoothur, Kanyakumari District

(F) TN/15/MFB/259 (Mari Amma)

(i) Robin, 6/293, Thoothur, Kanyakumari District
(ii) Melsias, Kanyakumari District
(iii) Johnson, St, Antony Street, Thoothur post, Kanyakumari District
(iv) Rooban, Manadvilage, Thoothur post, Kanyakumari District
(v) Mariyadas, Punidagath Ammal Vilagam, Thoothur post, Kannitakumari District
(vi) Bisin, World Ice plant Vilagam, Thoothur post, Kanyakumari District
(vii) Albin, KR Purami, Thoothur post, Kanyakumari District
(viii) Vanis, Ippithurai, Thoothur post, Kanyakumari District
(ix) K. Raj, KR Purami, Thoothur post, Kanyakumari District
(x) Surjan, Illanavilagam, Thoothur post, Kanyakumari District
(xi) Bibina , Errikkavil, Trivendrapura District Kerala.
(xii) Anton , Near Bus Stand, Thoothur post, Kanyakumari District

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