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Intrigue Behind the Murder of TNA MP Sivanesan

Colombo, 10 March, ( The events leading to the murder of Tamil National Alliance Member of Parliament Kiddnar Sivanesan, now seemed like a mystery novel. Details emerging show intrigue and ruthless disregard for human life. Culled from the crucial conversation Sivanesan had with two other TNA MPs and a freelance reporter of the Tamilnet provide the backdrop to the turn of events ending the life of Sivanesan. What occurred between Tamil National Alliance member of parliament and others gradually unfolds, when sources who saw, as well as overheard a crucial conversation of the three MPs from the TNA and the freelance reporter of the TamilNet in the parliament lobby on 5th March are viewed after Sivanesan's death.

For details read below:

Sources, who wish to remain anonymous, revealed that TNA members of Parliament Vino Noharathalingam, Sivanathan Kishore both from Vanni and K. Sivanesan representing the Jaffna electoral district and one free lance reporter of Tamil Net were seated in the parliament lobby and were having a conversation on 5th afternoon. What followed after this is history now.

During the conversation, Sivanesan MP was heard complaining about the high handed actions of the LTTE and the way they treat the TNA Members of Parliament.

He told the other two Vanni MPs about the pitiable plight of M. Kanagendran alias Eelaventhan and how he was kept in house arrest in Vanni.

Sivanesan told that Eelaventhan and his wife went to Vanni to meet the LTTE supremo and relate to him the circumstances under which he lost his seat in the parliament and to appeal for his re -nomination.

Sivanesan said that when Eelaventhan reached Vanni, he was prevented from meeting the Tiger leader Prabakaran.

The LTTE cadres belonging to the Inteligence Group threatened Eelaventhan of dire consequences, in case he insists that he wants to meet Prabkaran.

It seems Eelaventhan told the LTTE cadres that normally Periyavar - the elderly, use to meet him whenever he visits Vanni and accordingly he wishes to meet Periyavar on that occasion too.

But the determened LTTE intelligence cadres told him with a defiant No and told that they are taking over the vehicle of Eelaventhan bought on tax concession, because he is a member of parliament, and kept him under house arrest until such time Raseen Mohammed Imam, a Muslim from Jaffna was sworn in as a national list MP of the Tamil National Alliance in his place.

Sivanesan described how Eelaventhan’s wife screamed and cried when the LTTE intelligence cadres threatened Eelaventhan.

While the three TNA MPs and the TamilNet reporter were discussing, Sivanesan told them how he was discriminated because he belongs to the toddy-Tapper caste and so many other details.

After the discussion and when the parliament session for the day was over, Sivanesan went to his house behind the parliament buildings.

According to sources, he has called and told them that he was summoned to come immediately to Vanni and he left from the house allocated for parliamentarians on early morning 4 AM on 6th march, on the fateful day in his car to Vanni.

The rest is history.

- Asian Tribune -

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