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Budget designed to attract the interest of the Global Capital

The budget contains some of the most right wing proposals and it locked itself to some of the so-called development projects designed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB) and World Trade Organization (WTO) states Dr Vickramabahu Karunarathne, Presidium Member, New Left Front.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce endorses the budget 2003.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce endorses the budget 2003 announced at a time the country is emerging from a nineteen-year conflict. The Chamber also recognizes the steady and consistent progress achieved during the last ten months in many areas such as growth, interest rates, inflation and the stock market. These factors together with an increased level of stability have led to an improvement in overall business confidence.

Sri Lanka refuses to extend British journalist resident visa

Yahoo News: Colombo, Sri Lanka - The Sri Lankan government has refused to extend the visa of the correspondent for the London-based newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the journalist said Thursday.

Alleges LTTE pressure on Govt. to refuse visa extension: British journalist forced to leave Lanka

by Zacki Jabbar - The Island

The Island:British journalist and London Daily Telegraph Colombo correspondent Paul Harris is being forced to leave the country on grounds that he is a "threat to national security" allegedly on LTTE pressure applied on the government.

Refusing visa extension to journalist, erosion of media freedom — President’s Office

The Island:The President’s Office on Wednesday expressed serious concern over the government decision not to extend the visa of the Colombo correspondent of the London "Daily Telegraph". The following is the full text of the statement issued by Harim Peiris, presidential spokesman.

Different type of Laughter - British - German and Americans.

Compiled by: V.Rajeny

It is said that when you tell an Englishman a joke, he will
laugh three times. First - when you tell it, to be polite.
Second - when you explain it, to be polite. And third - in
the middle of the night when he wakes up and finally gets it.

Report on ‘sub-standard’ rice sent to north scheduled to be submitted yesterday

by Dilanthi Jayamanne - The Island

The Island:The eight-member committee appointed to look into the quality of 3,000 metric tons of rice shipped to the North for the internally displaced persons (IDP) was scheduled to forward its report to the Chairman of Inter-Ministerial Food Security (IMFS) and Adviser Sustainable Development, K. H. J. Wijedasa yesterday (November 7). The committee was appointed following a complaint made by the Jaffna Government Agent (GA) to the Ministry of Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Refugees (MRRR) that the rice was not fit for human consumption.

Asian Political Parties would establish people to people link in the future

by K.T.Rajasingham

Bangkok, Nov. 08:The 2nd. International Conference of Asian Political Parties, scheduled to be held in Bangkok, on 22-24 November, is expected to be the forerunner to a future Asian Solidarity Organization. The novel idea to hold an institutionalized forum for the Political Parties in Asia was commended yesterday, by no less a person other than Suranand Vejjajiva, Secretary General of the Conference, who is considered the “Human Dynamo,” working tirelessly behind the scene to make the conference a grand success.

Sri Lanka says peace and reforms to drive economy

By Chamath Ariyadasa

Yahoo News: Colombo (Reuters), Nov. 06 - Rapidly growing hopes for a permanent end to two decades of war and wider economic reforms should boost Sri Lanka's economy by 5.5 percent next year, the island nation's finance minister said on Wednesday.

Sri Lanka hopes for faster economic recovery as peace process gains momentum

Yahoo News: Colombo, Sri Lanka, Nov. 06 - Sri Lanka's economy is expected to recover quickly as efforts by the government and Tamil Tiger rebels to end the island nation's 19-year civil war gain momentum, the finance minister said Wednesday.

LTTE a Junior Partner of the Government in the begging bowl mission.

Colombo, Nov. 07: The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, (LTTE) in effect has today become a junior partner with the Government in taking the begging bowl to lending institutes in the West.
This is what Dr Vickramabahu Karunarathne, the Leader of the Nava Sama Samaja Party (NSSP) declared in the statement he made to the press.

I will do anything you want me to do for $ 100, on one condition.

Compiled by: V.Rajeny

A man was sitting at a bar enjoying an after-work cocktail
when an exceptionally gorgeous, sexy young woman entered.
She was so striking that the man could not take his eyes
away from her. The young woman noticed his overly attentive
stare and walked directly toward him.

Arrangements to streamline E-commerce for development of Asian Countries.

Bangkok, Nov. 07: Steps are taken to streamline the Electronic Commerce in Asia. A framework regional policy on E-Commerce is to be taken up for consideration. According to a survey, by 2005, one dollar in every five spent in online purchases will be that of Asian.

Archbishop appeals to President and Prime Minister to Pull the nation out of mire.

As the two great persons to whom the people have entrusted the fate of this country, you are capable of seeing the tragedy of the nation… the responsibility of pulling the nation out of this mire into which it has fallen, devolves primarily on Your Excellency and the Prime Minister,” the Dr. Oswald Gomis, Archbishop of Colombo said.

LTTE to allow other parties to preach in N-E

by Franklin R. Satyapalan - The Island

The Island:Tamil political parties on Tuesday welcomed LTTE theoretician Anton Balasingham’s statement that other political parties would be allowed to enter the democratic political process in the North East.

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