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Asian Tribune is published by World Institute For Asian Studies|Powered by WIAS Vol. 12 No. 2373

AIDS in India: Money Wont Solve Crisis : Rising Violence Against AIDS-Affected People

New York, November 13, 2002: A rising tide of violence against people affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in India threatens to undermine the generosity of international donors, Human Rights Watch said today.The U.S.-based Gates Foundation this week announced a $100 million grant to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in India.

New Phase of Asian Highway Announced

Bangkok, Nov 14: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asian and Pacific (UNESCAP) member and associate-member Governments have taken another step towards the finalization of an Asian Highway network, UNESCAP officials said here today. According to them, the draft proposes formal regional Government adoption of Asian Highway from Europe through Asia.

Iraq approves UN resolution, Russia prepares for talks on lifting sanctions

Baghdad Nov, 14:Iraq yesterday announced its consent of the UN security council resolution 1441 provides for the return of UN inspectors back to Iraq.

President proposes an Ethnic Reconciliation Commission, for Sustainable Peace

President Chandrika Kumaratunga, while admitting publicly for the first time that, the negotiation between the Sri Lankan Government delegation and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is progressing in the right direction, she also proposed that a National Commission for Ethnic Reconciliation and Sustainable Peace be immediately set up comprised of representatives of government, all political parties represented in Parliament, the major Non-Governmental Organizations and the LTTE.

LTTE Conducts war Exercises off the North coast of Mullaitivu

Whilst negotiating Peace with the Sri Lankan Government Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam unabatedly continue with war exercises of the coast of Mullaitivu.

Chamber of Commerce introduces Commercial Mediation process in line with international practice.

Ceylon Chamber of Commerce announces that it is now geared to handle mediations in all the three languages - English, Sinhala and Tamil, at its Commercial Mediation Centre.

Celebrations to mark 8th anniversary of presidency PM and Ministers keep away

by Dilanthi Jayamanne - The Island

The Island: Celebrations to mark the eighth anniversary of President Chandrika Kumaratunga took place at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday without Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, his ministers and government parliamentarians with the exception of CWC’s Housing and Plantation Infrastructure Minister Arumugam Thondaman and R. Yogarajan.

Speaker orders minister, govt. MP out of House chamber

By Kesara Abeywardena - The Island

The Island: Speaker Joseph Michael Perera yesterday ordered Minister T. Maheswaran and UNP MP Olitha Prematirathna out of the parliament chamber, due to continuing disturbance from the two members.

SU says beware of Ottawa convention

The Island: The Sihala Urumaya wishes to urgently alert the people on the dangers of the Government of Sri Lanka being a signatory to the Ottawa Convention on anti-personnel mines, whereby, we as a legitimate state will be compelled to desist and refrain from laying

S’pore-Suez Canal ship sinks 88 miles off Hambantota

by Norman Palihawadana - The Island

The Island: A vessel identified as "Hangin Pensilvania" had caught fire and is submerging in the sea 88 miles away from the coast of Hambantota in Sri Lanka.

Thai PM urges people to buy goods through

Bangkok, Nov 13 (TNA) – Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra called on the public cooperation in helping purchase goods through website for New Year gifts to support the one-tambon (sub-district), one-product scheme, according to the government spokesman.

Journalist on police watch list

Bangkok Post:A Bangkok-based contributor to a report published in the Asian Wall Street Journal, that last month's Bali bomb attacks were planned in southern Thailand, could face police action if he is identified as the same person currently under probation.

We do not want to go back.- Razali Ismail UN special envoy to Burma

Razali Ismail spoke exclusively last week with Yap Mun Ching from the Kuala Lumpur-based Malaysiakini News Service. Razali spoke about his frustrations concerning the protracted negotiations, the potential for elections as well as the obstacles Burma must overcome before it will be viewed as a sound spot for foreign investors.

God - just keeps taking pictures of me.

Compiled by: V.Rajeny

A little girl walked daily to and from school. Though the
weather that morning was questionable and clouds were
forming, she made her daily trip to school. As the afternoon
progressed, the winds whipped up, along with thunder and
lightning. The mother of the little girl felt concerned that her
daughter would be frightened as she walked home from school,
and she herself feared that the electrical storm might harm her child.

Thailand to restore diplomatic relations with Yugoslavia

Seoul, Nov 13 (TNA) - Thailand and Yugoslavia will soon restore diplomatic relations, according to Foreign Minister Surakiart Sathirathai.

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