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Asian Tribune is published by World Institute For Asian Studies|Powered by WIAS Vol. 12 No. 2158

<b>Sabas Review - Peace ship in floundering animation</b>


Sabas Weekly Review: Peace process has withstood another watery test. If on that Saturday night something more serious had happened, the peace ship would have most likely floundered.

<b>Jayalalitha! Are you helping Chandrika?</b>

From Guna Kajananth in Batticaloa July 18: A massive demonstration was held here today to demonstrate the support of Sri Lankan Tamils to the jailed Tamil leader Vaiko – V.Gopalasamy, who was jailed for addressing in a public rally, in support of the LTTE and its struggle in Sri Lanka.

<b>Oh My God...</b>

Four Catholic ladies were having coffee. The first
Catholic woman tells her friends, "My son is a priest.
When he walks into a room, everyone calls him 'Father.'"

<b>Mere granting of all that LTTE asks will not bring peace - CBK</b>

The Island

President Chandrika Kumaratunga highlighted the need for dialogue between communities to build a multi-ethnic plural society. "An agreement between the LTTE and government alone will not bring peace. We must instil peace in the hearts of people," she said. She was addressing a gathering of soldier families at the Ambanpola Maha Vidyalaya in Yapahuva on Tuesday.

<b>SLFP prevented from suspending Fowzie</b>

Kesara Abeywardena of The Island

The Colombo District Court on Tuesday issued an enjoining order preventing the Sri Lanka Freedom Party from suspending PA MP A. H. M. Fowzie as a member of the party based on the "show cause" letter sent by President Chandrika Kumaratunga, until a full inquiry is conducted.

<b>Mom, what's sex?</b>


A little boy returning home from his first day at school
said to his mother, "Mom, what's sex?"

<b>Batticaloa Market Flooded with Upcountry Vegetables</b>

From Guna Kajananth in Batticoloa. July 18 : The impact of the opening of the Chenkalady- Badulla (A5) road is felt here almost immediately. Batticaloa market is flooded with farm fresh, upcountry vegetables and prices of rice and fish has begun to escalate.
Vegetable wholesaler Shanmugam Periyasamy said: Five to six lorries have come with vegetables and their price has declined.

<b>Tamil- Muslim clashes would never recur - Karikalan.


Colombo July 17 : LTTE’s eastern political chief Karikalan today took an oblique snipe at SLMC and its leader Ports Minister Rauff Hakeem saying that some of his speeches and statements about retention the army to protect the Muslims and effecting amendments to the ceasefire agreement amounted to delaying and toppling the peace process.

<b>Instead write- US$50 for Hunting</b>

Daily Jokes @Jokes Plus .Com

The boss called in John, his star salesman and said,
"I notice on your last expense report you entered
'$50 for women' I don't really mind you having a
good time and entertaining our clients, but you
should be more discrete. From now on list those
expenses as being for hunting."

<b>I never advocated military training to Eastern Muslims, says Rauff</b>

The Island

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader Minister Rauff Hakeem on Monday strongly denied a statement allegedly made by the PA parliamentarian Ferial Ashraff that he had made a proposal to the government to provide military training to Muslim youths in the East.

<b> Sri Lanka Defence Ministry Waives Clearance Rule</b>


Colombo July 17: Defence Ministry today waived the requirement that persons holding foreign passports should obtain clearance to travel by air to Jaffna. The decision was taken at a meeting, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leaders had with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Defence Minister Tilak Marapone, defence officials and service chiefs.

<b>Fowzie lambast Anura </b>


Colombo: “Who is this Anura? What right he has to accuse me of breaching party discipline? Who is he to say that I am breaking the party?” asked Fowzie, a senior member of the main opposition Sri Lanka Freedom Party, in a statement that, breathed fire.

<b>Opening A-5 Road, a Right move towards Peace</b>

Guna Kajanath, Our Correspondent reports from Chenkalady, July 15: Karikalan and Tennakoon told the media:” This is another step to give the people what they yearn for, in the year for- PEACE.” at the ceremony held for the opening of the A-5 Highway. I was in the group of media persons, who traveled this morning with the convoy of vehicles, the 32 kilometers between Chenkalady and Periya Pullumalai, marking the opening of yet another strategic road, shut down for public use due to the country’s ethnic strife.

<b> Father a Policeman, killed his own child injecting poison.

Our Colombo Correspondent

It was alleged in the Magistrate Court, that, a policeman killed his one and a half year old son, by injecting poison, to avoid paying maintenance for his child, police revealed.

<b>Five Top Reasons Why God Created Eve</b>


God Created Adam, but he was not satisfied with him, as he was so boring and lazy and this led to the creation of Eve.

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