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LTTE wishes Hakeem to attend Thailand talks as Muslim leader


Colombo, August 29: Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) leader Rauff Hakeem said today that, LTTE had asked him to take part in the September 16 talks, as a Muslim leader and not as a member of the Sri Lanka government delegation.

LTTE launches the Sinhalese weekly - other newspapers are already in the Political Battle-Front.


SABA'S WEEKLY NEWS REVIEW: The Sinhala weekly ‘Theythunna” was launched by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, this week. Its mission is be promote racial amity besides telling the Sinhala people why and how Tamil struggle to win their rights originated, grew and matured into an armed struggle.<

Deer Died Vomitting Blood, After munching the Polythene Bags.

From Our Trincomalee Correspondent

A healthy robust deer died suddenly here yesterday, after munching polythene bags scattered in the esplanade and its environs around the Fort area.

Sri Lankan family alleges woman victim of human organ theft

By Joanne Laurier - World Wide Socialist Web

30 August 2002: One of the most gruesome expressions of international social inequality is the trade in human organs and, more particularly, the murder and dismemberment of poor and defenseless people for their organs.

President Chandrika Returns to Colombo, Amidst Crisis


Colombo, August 30: President Chandrika Kumaratunga returned from London this morning, to face the constitutional crisis, which threaten to slim her powers and the impending political crisis which imperil her party.

Prisoner Exchange Delayed by a Week

By: T. Sabaratnam

Colombo, August 30 : Prisoner exchange scheduled for tomorrow had been postponed by a week, government and LTTE sources said today.

LTTE leaders living outside Sri Lanka would participate in the inaugural session at Bangkok

The Tamil Tigers said on Wednesday that, they will send a four-member delegation to Bangkok, to the inaugural meeting of the historic peace talks with the government of Sri Lanka, next month.

Officers and men missing in action in North-East exceed 3,300

Sanjeevi Jayasuriya - The Island

Gnana Balagalle, Chairperson of the Army Seva Vanita Sanvidhanaya on Tuesday (27) placed the number of officers and men missing in action in the North-East over 3,300.

Moragoda discuss Hanuman Bridge with Pant


Colombo, August 28 Sri Lanka’s Economic Reforms minister Milinda Moragoda today discussed with K. C. Pant, India’s Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, the construction of Hanuman Bridge to link Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Congress reverses faith vote decision


Colombo, 29: All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC) which earlier decided to abstain during today’s confidence vote of the government, had decided to fall in line with the other Tamil parties, its leader A. Vinayagamoorthy said.

Answers Received at the examination in a Driving School

REAL answers received on exams given by the California
Department of Transportation's driving school.

President skips the cabinet meeting


Colombo August 28: President Chandrika Kumaratunga, skipped this evening cabinet meeting throwing government’s plan to present the 18th Amendment that strips the President of her power to dissolve parliament into disarray.The government decided to strike back by giving her an ultimatum to agree to the constitutional amendment before Tuesday.

ACTC MP denies vehicle handed over to LTTE

Ayesha Zuhair - Daily Mirror

All Ceylon Tamil Cingress Parliamentarian A. Vinayagamoorthy yesterday vehemently denied allegations that the luxury vehicle which was given to him was handed over to the LTTE leader in the Wanni recently.

Off the Beat: Matara Bakers Return to Jaffna

From our Jaffna Correspondent

Matara bakers who fled Jaffna in the early eighties have begun to return. They have put up temporary sheds near the now unused Jaffna railway station and are baking and supplying restaurants and hotels with traditional Sinhala short eats like kavun, kokis and sweetened cereal preparations.

Johannesburg Summit Calls For Restoration of Fisheries by 2015.

Johannesburg, South Africa, 28 August:A provision calling for restoration of depleted fisheries not later than 2015 was agreed to by negotiators at the World Summit on Sustainable Development yesterday.

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