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Asian Tribune is published by World Institute For Asian Studies|Powered by WIAS Vol. 12 No. 2554

<b>Shabby treatment for Mahinda</b>

The Sunday Times

Public Administration Minister Vajira Abeywardena confirmed this and said that the government was short of money to provide the necessary facility.

<b>NASA and the Monkeys</b>

NASA decided to send a shuttle into space with two monkeys
and an astronaut. They trained them for months. Then when
they thought they were ready, they placed all three in the
shuttle and got ready to send them up into space

<b>Muslims insist on the Guarantee of Political Rights, in the Interim Administration</b>

Exclusive Interview By Guna Kajananth: Rauff Hackeem, the leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, emphasized at an exclusive interview with Asian Tribune that, the immediate task of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and the Muslim leadership in the country would be to ensure the guarantee of the political rights of the Muslims, in the interim administration, which would be their focus in the forthcoming Thailand talks.

<b>Sri Lankan Uncle Hesitates to Send Greetings to Indian President Kalam</b>

Our Colombo Correspondent

Ibrahim Marikkar, Sri Lankan uncle of President Abdul Kalam, is hesitant to send his greetings to the new Indian President Abdul Kalam.

<b>An Indian Team invited for the demining work in the North</b>

Agency News

Colombo, Aug 2 - An Indian de-mining team is to be invited to Sri Lanka's embattled northern region to help de-miners from the United States who are already operating there, officials said Friday

<b>Two Jaffna Pradeshiya Sabhas decide against LTTE tax</b>

Namini Wijedasa - The Island

Two pradeshiya sabhas in the Jaffna peninsula have for the first time adopted resolutions against illegal taxation and duty imposed by the LTTE.

<b>Fresh elections could jeopardise peace process — TNA</b>

Shamindra Ferdinando - The Island

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) believes dissolution of parliament to pave the way for a fresh parliamentary election could have a detrimental impact on the peace process.

<b>‘Decision to pull out troops from HSZ at peace talks’, Ranil tells TNA</b>

Namini Wijedasa - The Island

The issue of pulling out armed forces from High Security Zones (HSZ) in the northern Jaffna peninsula can neither be taken up in isolation nor can it be done immediately, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Thursday told members of the Tamil National Alliance in response to a request they made.

<b>Arumugam queries calling wage increase ‘collective suicide’</b>

Franklin R. Satyapalan - The Island

CWC leader and Minister Aurumugam Thondaman yesterday asked how plantation companies could state that it would mean collective suicide for them to grant the rupees 30 wage increase when all they asked was a decent living wage of a consolidated rupees 151 per day.

<b>We have ten elementary numbers called digits</b>

Ever since the Stone Age,we humans have counted on our ten
fingers. Our system of numbers shows it. We have ten elementary
numbers called "digits"; a word that also means
fingers. We count on our fingers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
and 9. To go further, we use sequences of digits. When we
run out of two-digit numbers at 99, we go to three digits,
with 100.

<b>Piraba to strengthen Ranil’s Hands</b>


Colombo August 3: Political circles here expect the LTTE supremo, the indomitable Velupillai Pirabaharan, to invite the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to Vanni for a historic meeting, as a strategic move, to strengthen the Prime Minister’s hand in a possible snap poll.

<b>Pluckers plucked tea; refused to take it to the factory</b>


Colombo August 2: Over half million tea and rubber workers are on a novel form of strike, where they do the normal work, but refuse to do anything extra, thus indicating to the managers their displeasure over the low wages they are paid.

<b>Pirabakaran - Wickeramasinghe Summit</b>


Colombo, August 2 Enthused by US President George Bush’s support and Indian backing for Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s peace moves, LTTE had commenced its preparatory work for a possible Wickremesinghe- Pirabaharan summit and subsequent talks in Thailand, said LTTE and government sources.

<b>Actor’s Wife Chandrika , no doubt, too a Talented Performer</B>

Saba's News Review

I first came to know Chandrika as an actor’s wife, in which capacity she became known to common people, though she was a Bandaranaike, the daughter of two Prime Ministers. But none, perhaps except her classmates and friends at St. Bridget’s knew her histrionic talents, until her Pollonaruwa performance two Sundays back and her claim at a religious function in Veyangoda that she was a member of the school Sinhala and English dramatic societies.

<b>Sri Lanka, Pakistan to sign Free Trade Agreement </b>

AP World Politics

Colombo, Sri Lanka - Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf was meeting with Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe Thursday on his tour of the island nation, which a state-run newspaper called "a visit of promise."

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