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<b>PA’s ‘out-coup’ to oust PM bared </b>

Suranimala - The Sunday Leader

A master plan by the People’s Alliance to undermine the peace process and oust Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe through a constitutional coup by President Chandrika Kumaratunga has been bared.

<b>CBK given 10 day ultimatum </b>

The Sunday Leader

The government has decided to give President Chandrika Kumaratunga a 10 day ultimatum to accept a constitutional amendment repealing her power to unilaterally dissolve parliament or face a general election.

<b>MI-23 sends Chandrika into panic mode </b>

-The Sunday Leader-

President Chandrika Kumaratunga was last week thrown into panic when a MI-23 aircraft was spotted hovering over President’s House. Frantically telephoning the new Air Force Commander, Air Marshal Donald Perera, Kumaratunga barked at him asking why a plane had been sent to hover over her residence.

<b>Arms dealers (nameless) against me</b>

The Sunday Times

Rehabilitation , Resettlement and Refugees Minister Jayalath Jayawardena, who is said to be in the bad books of the LTTE and banned from entering LTTE-controlled Wanni, denies allegations that the rebels have imposed restrictions on him entering the north and says he is willing to face any probe on allegations of corruption or misuse of power.

<b>Peace talks Dispute over agenda Further delay in Thai talks</b>

Our Political Editor - The Sunday Times

Conflicting positions between the Government and the LTTE over the agenda for upcoming peace talks have set a poser for peace talks in Thailand. The LTTE wants its demand for an interim administration to be the agenda for the first phase of the peace talks. However, the government has made it clear that the question of an interim administration should be listed in the agenda together with all other core issues which the peace talks will focus on resolving.

<b>Anuras remarks upset US envoy</b>

The Sunday Times

The United States is reported to be deeply disturbed over comments by Presidential Advisor Anura Bandaranaike that President George W. Bush had come to office after a fraudulent election.

<b>CBK ready to meet Prabha</b>

Feizal Samath - The Sunday Times

President Chandrika Kumaratunga, embroiled in a bitter dispute with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's eight-month old government, says she is ready to meet LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran for face-to-face peace talks.

<b>Shabby treatment for Mahinda</b>

The Sunday Times

Public Administration Minister Vajira Abeywardena confirmed this and said that the government was short of money to provide the necessary facility.

<b>NASA and the Monkeys</b>

NASA decided to send a shuttle into space with two monkeys
and an astronaut. They trained them for months. Then when
they thought they were ready, they placed all three in the
shuttle and got ready to send them up into space

<b>Muslims insist on the Guarantee of Political Rights, in the Interim Administration</b>

Exclusive Interview By Guna Kajananth: Rauff Hackeem, the leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, emphasized at an exclusive interview with Asian Tribune that, the immediate task of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and the Muslim leadership in the country would be to ensure the guarantee of the political rights of the Muslims, in the interim administration, which would be their focus in the forthcoming Thailand talks.

<b>Sri Lankan Uncle Hesitates to Send Greetings to Indian President Kalam</b>

Our Colombo Correspondent

Ibrahim Marikkar, Sri Lankan uncle of President Abdul Kalam, is hesitant to send his greetings to the new Indian President Abdul Kalam.

<b>An Indian Team invited for the demining work in the North</b>

Agency News

Colombo, Aug 2 - An Indian de-mining team is to be invited to Sri Lanka's embattled northern region to help de-miners from the United States who are already operating there, officials said Friday

<b>Two Jaffna Pradeshiya Sabhas decide against LTTE tax</b>

Namini Wijedasa - The Island

Two pradeshiya sabhas in the Jaffna peninsula have for the first time adopted resolutions against illegal taxation and duty imposed by the LTTE.

<b>Fresh elections could jeopardise peace process — TNA</b>

Shamindra Ferdinando - The Island

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) believes dissolution of parliament to pave the way for a fresh parliamentary election could have a detrimental impact on the peace process.

<b>‘Decision to pull out troops from HSZ at peace talks’, Ranil tells TNA</b>

Namini Wijedasa - The Island

The issue of pulling out armed forces from High Security Zones (HSZ) in the northern Jaffna peninsula can neither be taken up in isolation nor can it be done immediately, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Thursday told members of the Tamil National Alliance in response to a request they made.

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