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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 81

Is Norway behind recent LTTE attacks on security forces?

[b]Is Norway behind recent LTTE attacks on security forces?[/b]

[b] Oslo, 01 February, ([/b] Ny Tids (Oslo Weekly) exposure of Norwegian funds -- Nkr 25 million up to 2005 -- flowing to the LTTE ( "Norsk million støtte til Tamiltigrene" (26-11-05)) created a sensation in Sri Lanka and India. Sri Lankan websites, newspapers and Indian newspapers and wire services picked it and relayed Eraker’s revelations to a stunned world.

Sri Lankan and Indian political analysts have been questioning the integrity and the honesty of the role played by the Norwegian government. Ny Tid’s revelations prove beyond doubt that Norway cannot play the duplicitous role of arming the LTTE on one hand and pretending to be the peace maker on the other.

Was the recent spate of attacks by the LTTE on soldiers manoeuvred by Norway to get them back into the peace process? Rumours and basic logic points to this being so. I am of the opinion that UD, with his partisan manipulations to favour the LTTE, has given the Norwegians a bad name in Sri Lanka. We remember the coffins of civilians killed by the LTTE being placed either at the doorstep of the Norwegian embassy in Colombo or in front of the offices of the Norwegian peace monitors in the east of Sri Lanka. Did that help the Sri Lankans any?

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