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Norway funding and promoting LTTE terrorism on Norwegin soil

[b]Norway funding and promoting LTTE terrorism on Norwegin soil – SPUR[/b]

Mahinda Weerasinghe, Oslo

[b]Oslo, 16 August, ([/b] The Australian-based Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights (SPUR) and Norwegians campaigning for peace and democracy in Sri Lanka are demanding that 1) Norway should immediately stop funding LTTE operations sponsored by the Norwegian government and (2) that a known terrorist agent like Yogarajah Balasingham, No.2 LTTE leader in Europe, should not be nominated as a candidate by Norway’s largest democratic party, the Labour Party, in the coming elections.

Norwegian elections are due next month. Balasingham is on the same ballot as former Prime Minister Stoltenberg. Norwegian political sources believe that the LTTE will commit election fraud, as they did in the last Municipal Council election, to get Balasingham elected.

When Balasingham was elected to the Oslo Municipal Government election fraud was detected at several election booths. However the Labour Party accepted the election result and Balasingham is now serving in the Oslo Municipal Government.

Despite protests from Tamils persecuted by the LTTE, the Norwegian government continues to fund LTTE activities conducted through LTTE front organisations like the “LTTE peace secretariat” and other community organisations in Norway. These front organisations use the funds to invite known terrorist like Balakumar to speak at their meetings and spread racist propaganda to the Tamil youth in Norway. Hate campaigns against Tamils who do not toe the LTTE line are a regular feature in radio programs funded by the Norwegian government. These Tamil families live in fear but Norwegian government has not taken effective action to stop LTTE persecution.

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