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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 72

Norway tries to wash its hand off LTTE website

[b]Norway tries to wash its hand off LTTE website[/b]

H. L. D. Mahindapala

The Norwegian government is making a last minute bid to clear its image after giving -- a website serving the LTTE intelligence unit headed by Pottu Amman, a proclaimed offender in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination -- a free run under its patronage. Protests lodged by Tamils and other concerned parties with the Norwegian government have been ignored up until now.

Norwegian government has now come up in a letter as: "We are aware of the Nitharsanam site and various campaigns. I have now checked regarding the site and the feedback we have from our authorities is that this site is not operated from here, but from Australia, I therefore, regret to inform you that Norway is not in a position to assist in this matter."

However, inquiries made to check the claims of the Norwegians government are yet to confirm whether it is operating from Australia. Its editor, N. Sethurupan (better known as "Oothai (dirty) Sethu) operates from Norway. He is known to Norwegian authorities and he is also known to threaten Tamils in Norway and Europe, who do not toe the LTTE line.

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