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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

Norwegian and Danish passports help LTTE

[b]Norwegian and Danish passports help LTTE to smuggle terrorists across borders[/b]

[b]Oslo, 15 April, ( [/b]The trial of two Sri Lankans involved in organised crime in Norway will begin next week in Oslo. Among the charges against them is bribing a Norwegian police officer to steal passports. The police man has pleaded guilty to stealing nine passports. The police officer said he was forced to steal the passports in order to pay of debt to the 37 year old Sri Lankan. The police officer involved in the theft of the passports is under investigation of the special police crime unit SEFO.

The LTTE intelligence unit has become experts in finding corrupt officials to take advantage of their weaknesses. Corrupt Norwegian officials have enabled the LTTE to get visas, travel documents and passports. With a Norwegian passport a terrorist can travel without any visa problems for entry into most countries in the world.

Besides, Norwegian embassies have been active in helping LTTE agents operating abroad. The LTTE sympathiser Christy Reginold Lawrence was arrested the 9th April 2000 with a Norwegian passport. When the Thai police raided his compound they found a half-build mini submarine, LTTE training videos, uniforms and his Norwegian documents. Police Captain Pailin Jamjamrat of Phuket Town Police Station told the newspaper The Nation June 7, 2000, the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok put up bail for Mr. Lawrence.

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