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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 81

Norwegian government hands millions to Tamil Tigers

[b]Norwegian government hands millions to Tamil Tigers -- Ny Tid (New Times), Norwegian newspaper [/b]

[b]Oslo, 30 November, ([/b] Quoting official sources from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, Ny Tid (New Times) newspaper revealed yesterday (November 27, 2005) that the Norwegian government has handed 25 million kronors (Norwegian Currency) to the Tamil Tigers, a terrorist group in Sri Lanka, during the last four years .This year the LTTE was given 7.5 million kronors but the Foreign Ministry could not give details of how the money has been used. A travel ban was imposed on Tamil Tigers recently by the EU after the assassination of the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister.

For the first time the public can view how Norway , which is supposed to be engaged in the pace process, took sides by supporting the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, said Ny Tid.

The following is a rough translation of the Ny Tid report:

LTTE received 950,000 kronor in 2002, the year that ceasefire agreement was signed between LTTE and the Government in Sri Lanka. In 2003 , the . Tamil Tigers were given 7.5 million kronors. In 2004 the Tamil Tigers received 9 million kronors from Norway.


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