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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Norwegian passport scandal reveals involvement of more Polic

[b]Norwegian passport scandal reveals involvement of more Police Officers[/b]

[b]Oslo, 20 April, ([/b] The Police officer Herman Olav Nyhusmoen (“Herman”) who has admitted stealing nine passports on the orders of Mike Daniel Jeya ("Mike") told the court that he used a fellow officer to distract the attention from the passport storage. "Herman" made a lunch appointment with police officer Hans Olav Leite ("Leite"). After the lunch they walked down to the passport section in the police station. "Leite" spoke to a person working in the passport section, the people that worked in the passport section became distracted and "Herman" used this opportunity to steal three passports.

"Herman" said he did not plan to steal the passports, it was a coincidence he stole the passports. The meeting with "Mike" forty minutes after the theft was not prearranged; "Herman " assured the court. When "Mike's" attorney Mr. Dietrichson was asking "Herman" about the routine related to the Police storage of confiscated weapons, the "Leite" name again appeared, this time as a source for the question related to the confiscated weapons storage? Why is the defence attorney talking about the routine related to the keys to the weapons storage, this is a passport case, is he alleging "Herman" also has sold weapons?

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