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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Norwegian Police officer admits stealing passports to pay

[b]Norwegian Police officer admits stealing passports to pay LTTE agents linked to organised crime[/b]

[b]Oslo, 14 April, ( [/b]Yesterday, the second largest Norwegian news channel TV2 reported Norwegian police officer has admitted to selling nine passports to a 37 - year - old LTTE agent living in Norway. The Norwegian police officer has admitted stealing six passports in 2004 and three passports in 2005. The police officer sold the passports for more than 20.000 NOK. The police officer told he had borrowed money from the Sri Lankan and had to steal the passports to pay of his debt.

Two more arrests have been made, one Sri Lankan in Paris and one in Frankfurt. Both men had “stolen” Norwegian passports. Only three passports have been recovered.

"Norwegian police officers selling passports and provide sensitive information to sympathisers of the LTTE terrorist organisation is a major scandal. LTTE ," said a spokesperson of the Norwegiain Against Terrorism (NAT). He added: "Earlier, the CIA had officially ridiculed the Norwegian police and we assume this will be an eye opener for everyone involved in the war against terrorism. The war against terrorism will fail when Norway continues to provide terrorist with passports, information, funds and political support. "

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