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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Nothing for the Tamils is utter nonsense

[b]Nothing for the Tamils is utter nonsense[/b]

Ravi Randeniya from Canada writes that the quest for a Tamil “homeland” is filled with bogus innuendos. Sinhalese will be all ears for a moderate Tamils leadership that understand that the Sinhalese are there to stay in Sri Lanka and they do not plan a mass exodus, Tamils need to accept the make-up in Sri Lanka and share and live in peace. That is the solution we offer, not a dictatorship of the LTTE kind as implied.

The full text of Ravi Randeniy’s letter is given below:

Dear Editor
Asian Tribune

The chronicles of P. Chandran is utter nonsense.

His allegation that “nothing for Tamils” is the very same tune that Eelamists are signing for Tamils in Tamil areas. Just ask any Tamil there. The Sinhalese peace overtures to the LTTE under their terms have simply lapsed after they sang the last tune to drum up worldwide empathy for their fantasy “homeland.”

He contend that Sinhalese are a ruthless race that they deny fundamental rights to Tamils hold no water. If this is so, how surprising of the role of the Government of Sri Lanka in the last twenty years has been - to do everything possible to protect Tamils from LTTE hegemony that resulted in mass execution of innocent and Tamil politicians. Reading current killings of Tamils in the news, one can grasp the plight of Tamils in the hands of LTTE.

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