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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

An open letter by a Sri Lankan to Ms. Virginia Judge, ......

[b]An open letter by a Sri Lankan to Ms. Virginia Judge, New South Wales MP.[/b]

[b]Ontario, Canada, 22 September, ( [/b]The search for the location of “Tamil Eelam,” a country referred by Ms.Virginia Judge, a Member of New South Wales Parliament has just drawn blank and one irate Sri Lankan has written an open letter to the MP, as to where she managed to locate such a country about which she had recently announced in the floor of the New South Wales Parliament, when she made a personal statement about her visit to that country.

Virginia Judge MP for Strathfield while making a statement in the New South Wales Parliament on 15 September, at 5.08 p.m. under the caption, “Sri Lanka is in crisis,” said “I experienced first-hand a concerted campaign to prevent me from traveling to Tamil Eelam.”

Ira de Silva , a Sri Lankan living in Canada for well over 30 years wrote to Virginia Wade an open letter wondering as to where the New South Wales MP located a country called “Tamil Eelam,” she referred in her statement she made in the floor of the New South Wales Parliament.

Ira de Silva wrote “I was astounded to read that you had made a visit to a country called "Tamil Eelam". I assume that the map of the world you have in NSW is different to the rest of the world. For your education, I am writing to advise you that there is no such country. It is obvious that you have no idea of what you are talking about even after visiting Sri Lanka which by the way is on the map.”

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