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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 72

Peace—War—and Economic Development.

[b]Peace—War—and Economic Development. [/b]

By Oscar E V Fernando

"Peace and economic development are twins in a trap: Let peace talks begin-- and certainly end--at a stage, if any, where a demand for a separate state begins!"

Rumblings of war drums are now loud and clear: this is certainly not an alarmist call.

These rumblings may remain only in the north for the time being as the LTTE has so far got what it needed from the south—namely, action from the south—they hope--would convince the international community that the south has never been nor will it be ever be favorable for substantial power devolution to the north.

With decades of consideration for power devolution on a federal basis culminating with the so-called Oslo declaration--that some try to make out is an agreement to a federal solution and some others call a declaration to negotiate for a federal state—the last elections brought out a leader that a little over fifty percent of voters—expect the solution to be based on a unitary state: the rest of the voters may be deemed to be for a solution based on federalism: the candidate who won we hope would act as the leader of the entire hundred percent.

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