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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

Political leaders miffed by American warning

[b]Political leaders miffed by American warning[/b]

By Bikash Sangraula in Kathmandu

[b]Kathmandu, 07 November, ( [/b]Leaders of seven political parties agitating for restoration of democracy in war-torn Nepal have expressed indignation over the warning issued by US Embassy in Kathmandu.

The Embassy had issued a statement last Friday expressing alarm over the potential of alliance between the parties and Maoists. In the statement, the Embassy had also said that Maoists could not be considered as a legitimate political party as long as they do not give up arms.

The statement came a booster to Nepal's beleaguered royal regime that has been facing criticism from all fronts, both from inside the country and from outside.

Krishna Sitaula, spokesperson of Nepal's oldest party the Nepali Congress said that the US has misunderstood the relationship between the parties and the Maoists. "We have never said that we are forging an alliance with the Maoists. We never will," he said adding that parties have no choice but to hold talks with Maoists to solve the crises facing the nation and to overthrow the autocratic regime.

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