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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Prabhakaran will give time till next year not one month --

[b]Prabhakaran will give time till next year not one month -- Anton Balasingham [/b]
Part III : Concluding part of Anton Balasingham's speech

Anton Balasingham states that media reports of Prabakaran giving one month’s ultimatum are distorted. He states: "Prabakaran has not said that. Prabakaran has not given one month ultimatum. He says a brief period will be given till next year. He has not fixed a date. But has also told that cannot tolerate for a long period of time. "

He also deals with the issue of terrorism He asks: "What is terrorism?"

"You are using the word terrorism against us to stop us. So the leader asks: 'What is terrorism?' Kindly tell us. There is no clear definition anywhere Sir; Every country has its own definition of terrorism.

India is afraid of this term. If a clear definition is given it might undermine India's attempt to keep under its autocratic control the struggle of so many ethnic communities that are agitating and demanding their rights based on righteousness and justice.

Russian too is keeping ethnic communities under its control by using this word.

Is it possible for all those in different countries who are crushing and controlling so many national ethnic groups to go to the UN and agree on a clear definition? Impossible. So far you have proscribed so many outfits in the name of terrorism. But you cannot give a definition to terrorism. You are labeling those freedom movements that fight for justice and righteousness as terrorists.

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