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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Presidential candidate Hettigoda to induct LTTErs in his....

[b]Presidential candidate Hettigoda to induct LTTErs in his cabinet to bring sustainable peace[/b]

Sunil C.Perera - Reporting from Sri Lanka

[b]Colombo, 11 October, ([/b] A leading Sri Lankan entrepreneur and a Presidential candidate in the fray, Dr.Victor Hettigoda, hopes to introduce representatives of the LTTE also in his cabinet of ministers, if he becomes the President of Sri Lanka in the forthcoming polls.

“Achieving peace, ending partisan politics, strengthening local industries, and ending shortcomings in the open economy are my prime objectives,” said Dr.Hettigoda who is currently preparing his manifesto.

The main political parties administered Sri Lanka since 1948, but the war is not ended .He expects to solve the ongoing ethnic problem without the intervention of the foreign countries.

“Why do we ask their support to solve our own problem? I will directly involve in the problem. I will deal with the LTTE to correct the past problems,” he said.

The present constitution will be amended to preserve the ethnic harmony among Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers.

He proposes to setup a Grain bank for agricultural development. The farmers cannot sell their paddy and varieties of grain due to the lack of a proper marketing plan.

“The government can setup a grain bank to purchase local grain to end the farmers’ problem. The excess will be exported,” he said. The grain bank will guarantee good income for the farmers in Sri Lanka.

Speaking to media in Colombo, Dr. Hettigoda said that he also expects to introduce a suitable education system and also will also take steps to end poverty. According to his proposed manifesto, Dr.Hettigoda wishes to maintain law and order in this country and expects to end bribery, corruption, and terror.

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