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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

The Presidential Election and Tamil Democracy

[b]The Presidential Election and Tamil Democracy [/b]

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

[b]“…and the net widespread is awaiting”.[/b]
[i][b]Oracle[/b][/i] ([i]The Capture of Athens[/i])

The LTTE has a history of speaking in parables. When the Tigers say they are willing to talk about the proper implementation of the ceasefire ‘even this minute’ what they mean is that they want to inform the Sri Lankan government what it should do (and must do) to rid Mr. Pirapaharan of his bête-noire, Col. Karuna.

As indicated by every Tiger pronouncement since April last year (especially the latest statement by the Tiger proxy, TNA and the newest editorial in the Tiger mouthpiece, Tamil Guardian), for the LTTE the main obstacle to the ‘proper implementation’ of this ceasefire is the existence and the activities of the Karuna group in the East. That perception is only natural – because once that particular thorn is removed from the Tigers’ side the ceasefire will return to what it was before the Karuna schism: a document tailor made to suit the LTTE’s needs.

One year after the Good Friday offensive which ‘conclusively defeated’ the Karuna rebellion, the Tigers are have no choice but to admit – however tacitly - that the Karuna problem is something they cannot take care of on their own (so much for all those paeans of praise that were sung about the Sun God’s strategic brilliance). Having failed to clear the East of the Karuna rebels the Tigers now need a cat’s paw to pull their chestnuts out of the fire. In April 2004 the newly elected UPFA government allowed and in fact facilitated the LTTE’s murderous attack on the rebels, in the name of observing the ceasefire and preserving peace. The Tigers need a repeat performance fast, and that is what they are trying to achieve with the latest ‘ceasefire negotiations’.

The Tiger game plan seems simple - get the Colombo government to move against the rebels in the name of preserving peace by observing the ceasefire. The Tigers can wait in the sidelines, as the ‘Sinhala army’ murders the ‘Eastern Tamils’, which will eventually be used by the Tiger propagandists as further proof of the Sri Lankan state’s callous disregard for Tamil rights. The conflict between Sri Lanka and the Eastern rebels will weaken both sides and embitter the Eastern Tamil people beyond redemption. Once both sides are exhausted the Tigers will move in to pick up the pieces, politically and militarily.

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