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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 72

Ranil was caught in the net he brought to trap us

[b]Ranil was caught in the net he brought to trap us -- Anton Balasingham[/b]

I am greatly delighted to participate in a ceremony today to honor our heroes who have fought and sacrificed their lives for our land and for our people.

When I came to this hall a friend of mine told me that Anandasangaree Aiya (Sir) also has come to this meeting. His presence is good. He must be once introduced to us. I wish to hug and kiss him.

Anandasangaree Aiya Sir has told in Colombo that he was able to travel all over the world but he is unable to go to his place in Kilinochchi.

We know well why he is in a hurry and he was saying that he is unable to go Kilinochchi. It is said that there two old ladies known to him who are in the Puliampokkanai village in Kilinochchi.

He has gone there and eaten with delight the monitor lizard (Udumbu). That is why he is anxious to go over there. Sir you may come to Kilinochchi at any time. Pottaman has constructed a five star hotel there. Good food is available there.

Leader Prabakaran has today delivered a historically important address. He has said many important things in that speech.

He has spoken of important events that took place in the last year, the plot against us and against the LTTE, the shadow war, and he has told also of other important events.

He has also spoken about the Rajapakse, his Government, his policies and what our outfit intends to do? He has outlined our plans and also spoken very clearly and lucidly about the future of our struggle.

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