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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Ranil Wickremesinghe for President?

Please read the report that follows: -

[b]Presidential Election – Sri Lanka : –
(Elections due to be held on 17 November 2005)

{By Bodipala Wijeyesinghe – UK}

May I refer to my previous article that dealt with the “Killing Fields” of Sri Lanka.

Ranil Wickremasinghe (RW) who appears to have been involved with torture and killings (The Batalanda story). Continues to ask you to vote for him at the forth coming Presidential election?

Some, who responded direct to me, ask me or said the following: -
1. I did not know all what you have said. Thank you for telling
2. How do we trust you (ref to me)
3. Why do we talk about it now?
4. You have some guts.
5. Watch yourself. They are vicious

To them, and to others, I tell.
I told the truth before the election. Just in case, some have not heard of it.

The choice to vote remains your privilege. Use it prudently
It’s a chance you get once in six years

If you trust the conclusion of the Batalanda Commission and the report was helpful
Vote for any other person. Other than RW for the Presidency

If you believe Batalanda Commission’s finding is not correct.
Vote for the candidate you think is best suited to govern Sri Lanka.
How you cast your vote is your privilege
Not mine and not anyone else’s

To those who doubt the content of my (Batalanda) article?
Obtain a copy of the report issued by the Batalanda Commission and read it
I believe you have a duty to know the truth.

My question to you: - If the report of the Commission is correct. As a citizen of Sri Lanka you are allowing “RW” to contest the Presidential election. You are allowing a person who has been catalysis for torture and killing of Sri Lankans. And allowed him to contest the Presidential election?

His candidature will not be tolerated in UK Canada Australia USA and many other countries of planet earth. Of course it may be possible in a banana republic where law enforcement depends on the wishes of the ruler. Live example is Saddam Hussein and Iraqi. Do I have to say anymore? Is law enforcement similar in Sri Lanka to those in Iraqi? Somehow I am not sure? Are you?

Ali Bhutto: – Prime Minister of Pakistan was hanged for murder/s
Gen Augusto Pinochet of Chile: - Immunity from prosecution has been withdrawn. He may be tried for murder and the disappearance of more them 3,000 persons. He may escape punishment because Pinochet is now 89 years old.
Slobodan Milosevic: - Has been charged with genocide and crimes against humanity
His case is in progress. He may escape punishment because this guy is suffering from a heart condition.
Gen Leopoldo Galtieri (Argentina): - Served a jail sentence before he died (I believe he died in prison). He was found guilty of a catalogue of crimes.
President Chun Do-hwan President of South Korea: - He was sentence to death for treason
Saddam Hussein: - He is in jail waiting for his trial. Press says that he may be hanged for acts against humanity and murder
Richard Nixon of USA had to resign from Presidency for unlawful acts
Lord Archer of UK was sent to jail for perverting the course of justice and misleading the courts.
President of Romania (I do not know how to spell his name) Shot for murder and acts against humanity?
And many more

When and if? Batalanda case is heard in a court-of-law in Sri Lanka, or elsewhere. May I ask, what would be the outcome? I have heard that some international lawyers are contemplating in filing court action against RW and others who have been involved in the killings that took place in Batalanda. Evidence taken by the Presidential Commission points the finger at “RW” Accusers also includes some police officers. They are also implicated with murder and torture in the Batalanda housing scheme.

I ask.

1. Should voters of Sri Lanka trust a man accused by a Presidential Commission to be involved in the torture and killing. To be the Executive President of Sri Lanka

2. Are you willing to let a person who was involved or accuse of torture and killing be the President of Sri Lanka?

Bodipala Wijeyesinghe

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