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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Raving of a racist alleges Chandran.

[b]Raving of a racist alleges Chandran.[/b]

“Asoka Weerasinghe makes another false statement that post-independence Sinhalese governments rightly created an equitable education system, writes P. Chandran of Canada, in response to A reality check for the separatist Tamils.

Chandran of Canada further writes, “The Sinhalese asking Tamils to score more marks than Sinhalese students for higher education is blatant racism.”

Chandran suggests that all they should have done is to improve the schools in the Sinhala South if they were below standard. Tamils do not have to ask for crumbs.

The full text of the letter written by P.Chandran is given below:

Dear Editor
Asian Tribune

Ravings of a Racist

The lengthy racist ravings of Asoka Weerasinghe from the safety of multi-cultural Canada are pathetic. His epithets against the Tamils are appalling and lowering the standards of journalism.

Here is a case of the accused criminal sitting in judgment on his own crimes. The Sinhalese armed forces are accused of master minding the killings in Northeast Lanka, and Asoka Weerasinghe passes judgment from Canada about happening in Tamil Eelam. The inefficient Sinhalese police in Jaffna should prove the cases.

It is the racists like him and Sinhala Buddhists Chauvinists like JVP, JHU and Sinhala Urumaya that have pushed the Tamil to establish the Tamil Eelam Administration with their own security forces.

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