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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Thanks to Almighty God…

At last we have received the good news of the release of Sri Lankan truck driver Dharmendra Rajaratnam (37) and his Bangladesh colleague Abul Kashem Faruk (44), who were captured and held hostage in Iraq by the Islamic Army of Iraq (IAI) on 28 October 2004. They were released by Iraqi resistant fighters on Thursday 09 November 2004.

Prayers and the appeal by the people all over the world contributed for this miracle to happen. We the friends, relatives and sympathizers of Rajaratnam and Faruk wishes to place on record our sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who contributed in the release of these two innocent persons. God is Almighty.
At last human compassion and humanity prevailed against the terrorist organization which collaborated with terrorist group who held hostage the two innocent truck drivers from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

We strongly condemn Nitharsanam, Tamil Canadian and Oslo Voice the terrorists’ media websites, which represented the Sri Lankan Tamil separatist terrorist organization which were responsible for delaying of the release of these two innocent truck drivers by imputing motives for our appeal for the release of Rajaratnam and Faruk.

We very strongly condemn double agent and proven ‘psycho’ Nadarajah Sethurupan of Oslo Voice who was primararily responsible for imputing motives against our humanitarian appeal.

We learnt that the separatist Tamil terrorist organization which at last understood the double game Sethurupan played all these years and warned him not to interefere in any Tamil political activities in the name of the outfit in the future.

We the friends, relatives and sympathizers of Rajaratnam and Faruk place on record our thanks to all those media organizations namely, TBC, Thenee, Neruppu, Athirady, Lanka Truth, EPDP, Asian Tribune, Infolanka, Rupavahini, SLBC, BBC Tamil Osai, TULF, The Island, Denunge, Daily Mirror, and dozens of others for believing in humanity and displaying permanently our appeal for the release of these two innocent human beings and helping them to return safely from the jaws of death.

At the same time we thank Aljazeera for transmitting the news in the very beginning regarding these two innocent truck drivers taken as hostages in Iraq.

We also thank all those diplomats and officials from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kuwait and Iraq and all others for making the miracle to occur.

Thank you almighty one more time.

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