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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 109

Remembering Indira Gandhi: What is the legacy...............

[b]Remembering Indira Gandhi: What is the legacy of Indira Gandhi?[/b]

By M Rama Rao – Asian Tribune

Some consider nuclear security and green revolution as her lasting contribution to India.

It was under Indira Gandhi that India became the youngest nuclear power by carrying out an underground nuclear test for peaceful purposes.

Today, if India has become a food exporter and has diversified its commercial crop production, well, the credit should go to Indira Gandhi, who with the help of a dedicated team of administrators and scientists managed to end India’s chronic food shortages.

Along with the Green Revolution ushered in was the White Revolution to expand milk production and thereby help combat malnutrition, especially amongst nursing mothers and young children.

Some consider the leadership Indira Gandhi provided at the time of Bangladesh war as something that will be written in golden letters in the annals of Indian history. “Her war leadership reassured the people, increasing their faith in India’s future, security and everyday lives. It kept the country united by showing that the nation was prepared to fight against any and all enemies”.

There is a school, which considers her faith in democracy (despite the emergency aberration), her concern for the poorer and weaker sections of the society and her ability to apply healing balm at times of threat to national unity as bench marks for India.

She was the fist to fly to Assam in its hour of need in 1962 and the only leader from Delhi to rush to Chennai during the widespread anti-Hindi disturbances in 1965. And in 1978 to Belchi, Bihar, on an elephant to meet the Dalit victims of a massacre carried out by the Ranveer Sena of the upper castes.

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