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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 81

Sampanthan manufactures excuses for the killing of .........

[b]Sampanthan manufactures excuses for the killing of Kadirgamar [/b]

By Anne Rodrigo

[b]Colombo, 28 August, ([/b]Amidst allegations of the LTTE killing the Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, Tamil National Alliance Leader R. Sampanthan told the Asian Tribune: “Kadirgamar could have been less of an impediment in the peace effort.” Reflecting the LTTE antagonism to Kadirgamar he added: “He seemed to be a man in the Sinhala nationalist line like the JVP.”

He accused that Kadiramar did not see the bigger picture related to the peace process and could have been more objective. He said: “Kadirgamar lacked evenhandedness.”

Sampanthan argued, that given Kadirgamar’s multi-faceted role, being the Foreign Minister- a member of the security council, senior advisor to the President and his international recognition and , he could have been “more forthcoming” in the peace effort.

“This is by no means to justify his killing”, he hastened to add.

He condemned the assassination outright but was quick to add that investigations are still on to decide who is really behind it.

Commenting on the landmark Supreme Court ruling on holding the Presidential election this year, he said an election at this stage would put the country’s peace bid at stake. Even the pending talks between the government and the LTTE on reviewing the Cease-fire Agreement has lapsed into further uncertainty.

He said now that P-TOMS has “gone into a deep slumber” following an interim order by court, an election will push the country to further violence, no matter whoever does it.

[b]Question:[/b] Minister Kadirgamar has long been in the LTTE hit list and the LTTE had been widely accused of the killing. Your comment?

[b]R. Sampanthan: [/b]The investigations are on still on. There were some Sinhalese nationals who have been arrested by police. Whoever did it, we condemn the killing. We disapprove it completely. LTTE has denied any hand in the killing. Let the people investigating into it decide on it and we also appeal to reveal who the killer is.

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