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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 114

Scientologists came to LOOT, not to "help"

L. Ron Hubbard, who made up Scientology, wrote "Casualty Contact" that instructed Scientologists to read the papers and upon noting accidents to visit the hospital and try to use religion as a shield to get inside and proselytize to the victim.

I'ts one of the scummiest Hubbard hcopls there is.

Here it is. See if you can keep your lunch down reading this one.

He detailed "Casualty Contact" in a number of bulletins in the 1950s and 1960s, most notably in Professional Auditors Bulletin of 28th Feb, 1956 and HCO Bulletin of 15th Sep, 1959. Even by Hubbard's standards these were quite remarkable in the level of opportunistic cynicism which they showed.

In the PAB of 28th Feb, 1956, he wrote:

[quote][b]"Every day in the daily papers one discovers people who have been victimised one way or the other by life. It does not much matter that the newspapers have a full parade of oddities in terms of accident, illness and bereavement occuring at a constant parade before the eyes. The essence of "Casualty Contact" is good filing and good personal appearance. One takes every daily paper he can get his hands on and cuts from it every story whereby he might have a preclear. He either has the address in the story itself or he gets the address as a minister from the newspaper. As speedily as possible he makes a personal call on the bereaved or injured person. It is probable that he will find on the first day that they are overly burdened with calls, since they have been a subject of the public press and he may find that in two or three days, interest in the person has cooled off to a point where his own appearance will admit of an actual interview. He should represent himself to the person or the person's family as a minister whose compassion [sic] was compelled by the newspaper story concerning the person. He should then enter the presence of the person and give a nominal assist, leave his card which states exactly where church services are held every Sunday and with the statement that a much fuller recovery is possible by coming to these free services takes his departure. A great many miracles will follow in his wake and he is liable to become a subject of the press himself. However, in handling the press he should simply say that it is a mission of the church to assist those who are in need of assistance. He should avoid any lengthy discussions of Scientology and should talk about the work of ministers and how all too few ministers these days get around to places where they are needed.

"Some small percentage of the persons visited or their families will turn up in his group. Thus he will build a group and naturally from that group he will get a great many individual preclears." -- (LRH, PAB 28/2/56)[/b][/quote]

That is the facts about Sciologists going to Sri Lanka to further victimize the victims.

Revolting behavior indeed!

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