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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Scientologists killed USA court judge's dog

This is the type of people who have invaded Sri Lanka.


19. The particular part of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course with which I co-audited Lenny Leibowitz was Section B. One of the subjects which Lenny Leibowitz and I co-audited each other on was Checksheet Number 48, Chapter 24 Column V, The Ability to Handle Responsibility. The Demo for this chapter was the section on the responsibility level at 1.1 (covert hostility) on the tone scale.

20. Mr. Leibowitz is from White Plains, Westchester, New York, and was working as an intern with the Office of Special Affairs for the Church of Scientology. He told me that his mother's first name was "Doris" and that she had a complex because she was very short. I also recall Lenny Leibowitz's birth date of October 26, 1949, since he is exactly one month older than I am. During the course of handling a "present time problem" within the context of the material we were studying relating to The Ability to Handle Responsibility, Mr. Leibowitz related to me that he was having difficulty handling the fact that he had drowned a dog. Mr. Leibowitz informed me that the dog was a collie by the name of "Duke", and that he belonged to a Judge Swearinger who lived in the hills of Los Angeles. When he disclosed this, I ran Mr. Leibowitz on "rudiments" in order to fully handle this present time problem and bring it to its end phenomena, in order that we could go on with the course and not get hung up on the checksheet.

21. In running the rudiments, Lenny Leihowitz indicated to me that he was driven to the Judge's house in a white late model Jeep Cherokee by another intern with the Office of Special Affairs of Scientology. The intern who drove him to the Judge's house was named Clarice Guidice. Mr. Leibowitz told me that Clarice Guidice was on an internship from the Milan Org in Italy, and she spoke with a thick italian accent. He described her as a girl in her mid-twenties, who had a "chunky pot belly." He further stated that she did not own the white jeep, but rather it was a car owned by a senior staff member at the Office of Special Affairs in Los Angeles. Mr. Leibowitz told me that Clarice Guidice had something he called an "international driver's license." I remember that vividly because I had never heard of an "international driver's license" before.

22. Mr. Leibowitz told me that when he arrived at the judge's house, he walked around the back of the house while Clarice Guidice remained in the jeep as she was driving. Mr. Leibowitz then threw the dog into the pool and "sat on the dog" until the dog drowned. Mr. Leibowitz also complained that his clothes were all wet and he foolishly had not brought a change of clothes with him. Mr. Leibowitz informed me that he was ordered to drown the dog by Kendrick "Rick" Moxon of the Office of Special Affairs of the Church of Scientology International. Mr. Leibowitz also stated to me that Mr. Moxon informed Mr. Leibowitz that "if he didn't do it, someone else would." After Lenny Leibowitz disclosed all of the above information to me, we were both but individually given a Security Check and I was assigned a new twin, whose name was Jay Grossfeld. I co-audited with him a short time before having to return to Florida to check on the pending status of various class action lawsuits in Operation Acting Classes.

23. I had not previously related this information to anyone prior to the signing of my preliminary affidavit on this issue in September, 1993, as I did not recall that Judge Swearinger was the trial judge in the case of Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology until August of 1993. I was personally involved with Scientology operations during that trial including calling up jurors and hanging up in the middle of the night.


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