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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 110

Scientology Inc. refuses to respect the religions of others

Scientology kills people; Scientology Inc. kills people. "Gridster" would have his propaganda victims believe that human rights activists are objecting to Scientology out of "religious bigotry" instead of Scientology Inc.'s crimes and human rights abuses. The fact that Scientology is not a religion is, of course, proof that our objections are not based upon religious bias.

Suppose for an instant that Scientology really was and is a "religion." That would never excuse the crime syndicate for its crimes and human rights abuses.

"Gridster" is following the script he is ordered by his masters to follow. Human rights activists throughout the world have been subjected to the same falsehoods that "Gridster" wishes others to believe of us: that we are motivated out of "bigotry" instead of sympathy, compassion, and a sense of Justice for the victims of Scientology and Scientology Inc. Fortunately very few people buy into his falsehoods.

Some basic facts:

1) Scientology exists as a "religion" only for tax-exemption status and for public relations---- Scientology's creator, L. Ron Hubbard, even said so and put it in writing!

2) Scientology Inc. exists only to hurt people. They perform no actual social services; they help no one except their masters back at headquarters.

3) At least one USA judge found, and put into the court record, the fact that Scientology is organized crime. In fact, he called the sinister enterprise "classically terroristic."

4) Scientology teaches that all religions are false "implants" by aliens from outer space to enslave us: that would indeed include Scientology if Scientology were a religion! Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Jainism..... every religion is hated and despised by Scientologists and Scientology Inc. Scientology customers who find themselves on the "advanced levels" discover that they will be [b]aggressively punished by Scientology Inc.[/b] if they express any religious preference or conviction. Scientologists are not allowed to have any religion.

5) For the vast majority of human rights activists who object to the crimes and human rights abuses committed by Scientology Inc., it is true that we work to [b]defend and protect[/b] Scientologists from the criminal abuses that their masters subject them to. Almost all of the people Scientology and Scientology Inc. have [b]killed[/b] have been Scientology customers and salespeople; the tens of thousands defrauded by Scientology, the thousands maimed and crippled and driven insane..... all were or are Scientology customers and salespeople, and it is for [b]their sake[/b] that us human rights activists work hard to defend them by exposing the Scientology crime syndicate's crimes and human rights abuses.

6) Defending Scientologists from their abusers is not "hate;" we defend Scientologists from Scientology Inc. by educating them about the nature of the sinister business that has them in their clutches. Every time a person exposes Scientology and Scientology Inc.'s true nature (as I am now doing), that is an act of love, compassion, sympathy, and humanitarianism.

7) Warning non-Scientology customers about the criminal and abusive nature of Scientology and Scientology Inc. is not "hate:" it is a person's civic, moral, and ethical duty to do so. [b]People who know the criminal and abusive nature of Scientology and Scientology Inc., but who also remain silent, are the ones who hate Scientologists.[/b]

8) The crime syndicate is in Sri Lanka only for publicity: they are not there to help people; they are not there out of any other reason except green and venality.

9) Scientology Inc. and Scientologists consider Sri Lankans their moral and cultural inferiors. The only reason the crime syndicate invaded Sri Lanka with their half-dozen salespeople is because the crime syndicate is finding it extremely hard to find new victims in the Unites States of America---- Scientology Inc. and Scientologists are counting on the citizens of Sri Lanka to be ignorant and uneducated and therefore easily victimized.

One can list a very great number of crimes and human rights abuses that Scientology salespeople and management inflicts upon their customers and non-customers. One can also list a very long number of judges throughout the world who have determined, as a matter of law, that Scientology hurts people and that Scientology Inc. is criminal and abusive.

Human rights activists throughout the world are unanimous when it comes to an opinion on Scientology and Scientology Inc.: it is organized crime that injures, maims, hurts, defrauds, and kills people.

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