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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 74

Sinhalese are terrorists alright, but not as bad............

[b]Sinhalese are terrorists alright, but not as bad as the awful Tiger terrorists.[/b]

In a letter to the Editor, S. Makenthiran of Canada who wrote the article “An indictment of Sri Lanka Government” underlined that “no one has so far disproved in your columns the numerous charges of crimes leveled against the Sri Lankan government and the Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinists in my indictment. All have discreetly avoided the war crimes and atrocities listed by me. All they have to say is that Sinhalese are terrorists alright, but not as bad as the awful Tiger terrorists.”

The full text of Makenthiran’s letter is given below:

The Editor
Asian Tribune

[b]An indictment of Sri Lanka Government[/b]

Thank you for publishing my above article. However, your footnote about me needs a correction. I have never been a member of the LTTE. I am only a small time free lance journalist opposed to all forms of discriminations, whether due to caste, color, religion, language, sex, creed or any other reason in any part of the world.

You have described Asoka Weerasinghe, who commented about my article as the founder of Storytelling Series in Ottawa. He sure looks a good storyteller. He satisfies himself by saying that in Canada there are only 104,000 Tamils in Canada and that 90 % of them are scam artists. I wonder how many Canadian Tamils he has met and known. Even if his figures and statements are accepted, it is a sad state of affairs that so many Tamils had to seek refuge outside Sri Lanka due to persecution there.

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