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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 81

sleeping with enemy

SLMM spokeswoman Helen Olatsdoftir said that the government is responsible for security in areas within its control as much as is the LTTE for uncleared areas. “It is only the government, which can control the activities of armed groups in its areas. The State should take measures to disarm armed elements that operate there,” she said

This is refrence to the above statement made by the SLMM spokeswoman to Media;

We would like to remind the SLMM turn blind eye to many LTTE violations and their armed elemnets and killings in uncleared and cleared areas SLMM failed even to reach or negotiate of the fate of the three police mlann held in LTTE custody;

We would like to remind SLMM that before you point out the armed elements in the cleared areas you should try to stop the LTTE killings ,abduction and other activities,You have no right to involve or advice the Government of Sri Lanka as it is reprent the Sri Lankan

SLMM have failed to restore peace or control LTTE killings since the begining of seasfire abd it is to late now to point out government for the incidents occured in cleared areas;SLMM first try to stop LTTE Terrorsits acts and killings in allover Sri Lanka and after the up coming election SLMM and Norawy have to walk out from Sri LANKA

We once again and finalley would like to remind SLMM to stop LTTE violation before try to advise the Government


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