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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Is Soor(n)iyathevan a real military genius?

Is Soor(n)iyathevan a real military genius?

When a militant group was choosing a good Friday, they are not care about the people in their own ethnic group. ``[b]Misfortune in moves to help traitors amid misfortune.[/b]`` (Kooru poda) The people never support them back as before. East is divided now , never can be join together with North. Now sooniyathevan`s devotees think, if they requirute child soldiers, they could brain-washed them; and they will obey forever. That`s what is wrong, until 10,11,12yrs child soldiers were taught against the sooniyathevan`s team. May be few yrs they could obey sooniyathevan`s order. One day these child soldiers will turn against the sooniyathevan. If it will be few child soldiers , they might control them. When they have all child soldiers (75%), they cannot control them easily. At that time real revolt is going to happened in Sooniyathevan`s [b]administrative structure.[/b]

Will the people ever forgive those who seek to destroy the [b]world people movement[/b], which traitors in Canada have chosen as their representative, its subsidiaries and the [b]Traitors Rehabilitation Organization?[/b] How ridiculous for them to imagine that the people do not know the games they play to [b]safeguard their crime-lihood?[/b]
Soonoyathevan cannot even be a real thugs, how could be a military genius? If he is a genius, he never lost 20,000 of his thugs. Now, He is playing low key even though sooniyathevan is never ever going to get any piece of Land

Ideologist does not understand the world`s politics, how could he advised to him the right path.

``[b][u]The cuckoo sings sweetly, cannot build a nest or hatch.`[/u]`[/b]

Soor(N)iyathevan thirsty for Sooniya Sooniya Sooniyam.!!!

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