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Sri Lanka - What next?

[b]Sri Lanka - What next?[/b]

By - Para Kumarasamy

The last attack on the security forces in the “undeclared war“ by the LTTE was on Saturday morning by the Black Tigers on the Sri Lanka navy’s Dvora naval craft in Trincomalee. It is clear that LTTE wanted to provoke the Sri Lanka’s security forces to take some kind of retaliatory action. LTTE had already killed more than 40 security personnel by claymore mines and also carried out grenade attacks on the army checkpoints including shooting of a helicopter in the Eastern province.

In the past weeks it had instigated so-called “people’s demonstrations” in Jaffna, which were very violent. The University teachers, who were silent over the past years when so many innocent unarmed civilians were gunned by the LTTE, took to the streets to protest over the death of a woman, supposed to be murdered by the Navy personnel. SLMM head said, “These could not be called a peaceful demonstration”. The pattern of the incidents to provoke the armed forces into retaliatory action is similar to the LTTE’s tactics in the latter part of 1980s against the Indian Peace Keeping Forces.

Sri Lankan armed forces have acted in the past with brutality against the Tamil civilians. This time too their action at shooting at the unarmed demonstrators in Jaffna and the brutality against the men and women in mannar are the same. The reports say that the five students in Trincomalle were shot threw the ears and grenades thrown on their bodies. LTTE expect these types of brutalities against the Tamil civilians from the armed forces by their provocations.

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